Best VPN for Chrome

VPN for Chrome

VPN is now used by every single individual now a days, and everyone is more interested in knowing it’s new versions and better features.

Compatibility is really important, that’s where today’s article will rotate around. Best VPN for chrome.

We all are very known with chrome and it’s working. Chrome is a widely used browser by almost half of the computer users.

More than a phone, we are more into browsing different sites and watching videos on our laptops and for that purpose some people use Chrome and some use Firefox.

 Chrome is a widely used browser due to its feasibility and the number of extensions it’s providing to its downloaders.

Chrome provides a lot of extensions and one of them is VPN and will keep track of each respective activity they are performing.

You know, whenever you connect to any site on the internet, it’s sending your information to those sites. That information includes,

  • IP address.
  • Location ( by default)
  • Operating system
  • Computer hardware

So, you can now imagine how much information that one site you are visiting is getting on just one visit then imagine we visit around 10+ websites randomly every day how much information is conveyed to them!!!!

Short Summary points on VPN FOR CHROME

1. VPN for Chrome works is an extension
2. It’s more easier to use rather than using an application for VPN
3. Turn on VPN with just one click.
4. Much more feasible and reliable.
5. Hides your location just like other VPN applications.
6. No one can spy on your personal information.
7. It creates a barrier between you and the intruders.
8. It gives you a better and secure user experience.
ExpressVPN, Hotspot Shield, Panda,, Zenmate, TunnelBear are some VPN Extensions For Chrome.

Why we need VPN for Chrome:

While you are using Chrome on a daily basis all your personal information is open-handed to it. The need for VPN increases as it creates a barrier between you and that hacker trying to get your private data.

Let me tell you a secret while using chrome and visiting different sites for academic or personal use all your data is sent to every website you visit and it’s really dangerous.

And VPN will never leave your password, bank codes, pins, and other private data easily accessible for hackers. All of your activities done online will be encrypted to give the user a better experience.

There are a lot of malicious sites and your information is sent to them on just spending a few seconds on that website! Now can you imagine how big is that?

For secure access and privacy concerns, Chrome provides a VPN extension that helps us in eliminating these problems.

All these VPN extensions are provided by well-known companies so you can protect your personal information to be conveyed easily to owners and from Google tracking.

Here I am going to discuss the best 10 VPN extensions that are compatible with Chrome.


Panda VPN is the seventh one in the list and like the previous one, it’s also a newly developed.


Panda VPN’s Key Feature

Get a fast and stable connection
High-speed server around the word
We focus on protecting users privacy
Our technical staff will help you solve all of your problems.

First thing first, Panda VPN is operated in a different way in chrome, what I mean is it doesn’t have separate servers in different countries but a target to provide I.P addresses using virtual servers.

Panda is a trustworthy cyber security company based and it claims that no user activity or personal information will be leaked.

Payment Plan

3 Months1 Year (Flash Sale)
81% Off
6 Month (Flash Sale)
69% Off
1 Month
USD $6.99 per month
3 Devices online simultaneously
USD $2.49 per month
3 Devices online simultaneously
USD $3.99 per month
3 Devices online simultaneously
USD $9.99 per month
3 Devices online simultaneously

Pricing strategy is a two-edged sword. User has to pay monthly or annually. But it also offers a free version that is given to the user for a large period of time.


ExpressVPN is the first one in the list of VPN extensions. It is by far the best one due to its speed and secure access. With a valid Express VPN subscription, you can avail of a lot of services such as protection of your activities you are doing on chrome.


Express VPN’s Key Features

160 VPN servers in 94 Countries
Change your IP Address through one of secure VPN Server
Express VPN on every device
24 hours live chat support

ExpressVPN isn’t free but a good fit for Chrome as it has some best-advanced features for Chrome, perfect for securing Google Chrome with 30-days money-back guarantee although you can use it for free until your trial version expires.

Payment Plan

1 Month12 Month6 Month
$12.95 Per Month
Billed $12.95 Every Month
30-Days Money-back Guarantee
$8.32 per Month
Billed $155.10 $99.95 every 12 month
30-Days Money-back Guarantee
SAVE 35%
$9.99 Per Month
Billed $59.95 Every 6 Month
30-Days Money-back Guarantee

ExpressVPN reliably unblocks Netflix and it has a global network of 2,000 servers in almost 94 countries. The best feature about ExpressVPN is it does not counter any buffering problem as it guarantees unlimited bandwidth with good speed.

Hotspot Shield:

Hotspot Shield is another one to be discussed in the list of VPN for Google Chrome. It’s one of the reliable VPN available for Google Chrome out there as it’s extension can be easily installed on Google Chrome.


Amazing features about Hotspot shield is your transaction details, banking information, and other sensitive data can be secured easily using this VPN in Chrome.

The free version of Hotspot Shield VPN will provide a lot of protection, but a limited amount of data obviously you have got some package for better data storage capacity.

Payment Plan

1 Month12 Month (Premium)Basic
$12.99 Per Month
Billed $12.99 Every Month
45-Days Money-back Guarantee
$7.99 per Month
Billed at $155.88 $95.88 yearly
45-Days Money-back Guarantee
SAVE 35%
$0 Per Month
for secure, private browsing

Hotspot shield uses proprietary Catapult hydra whose main purpose is a data compression and optimization of multiple servers.


The third one to be discussed in the list is Windscribe. It’s famous because of the fantastic features it has one of them is a 10GB monthly data allowance. Isn’t it amazing?


Now let’s talk about security concerns Windscribe is providing, Windscribe provides “remote omnidirectional badware eliminating robotic tool”(R.O.B.E.R.T.), whose main purpose is to block all malware attacks along with ads.

This VPN doesn’t ask the user to log in means not monitoring all the activities you are doing on the internet not even keep a track of your IP addresses so, you can browse easily and freely.

The only information it’s taking from their users is what platform or site you were on last time and the total amount of bandwidth you used in the previous 30-days.

Payment Plan

1 Month12 Month (COOL BADGE)Build A Plan
$9.00 Per Month
Billed $9,00 Every Month
$4.08 per Month
Billed $49.00 every 12 month
$1.00 Per Month
Billed $1.00 Per Location, Per Month

This chrome extension also allows you to unblock Netflix no matter if you are in U.K or U.S allowing you to do the stream easily.


TunnelBear is a well-known VPN and it’s available on both phone and desktop. It’s available for both Mac and Windows, the major difference between both the version is TunnelBear for chrome only do encryption of your browser traffic.


Again, if we talk about security and privacy concerns TunnelBear has gone beyond the threshold others are following. With only some minor issues, privacy and security are the two most important attributes TunnelBear is handling.

Payment Plan

Testing and limited usage
500MB of secure browsing

All-day security and peace of mind
Unlimited secure browsing
5 connected devices
Priority customer service
from $3.33/month
For businesses securing 2+ users
Unlimited secure browsing
5 connected devices per user
Dedicated account manager
Centralized team billing and management
$5.75/user per month

If we talk about usability, adding the TunnelBear extension in Chrome is super easy and easy to use as well. That’s why TunnelBear is everyone’s favorite is the fifth one in the list for the discussion on VPN. So, let’s jump to the topic is a well-known VPN amongst all due to its fast speed and free version. The company never comprises on connection issues, no matter if you are using the free or paid version.  

It will never throttle your connection, moreover never sends your personal information which it gets to anyone or any third party

it respects your security concerns very well.

Payment Plan

1 Month2 Years + 2 Months free1 Year
$12.95 Per Month
Billed $12.95 Every Month
$4.99 per Month
Billed $129.95 every 24 month
(Save 61%)
$8.32 Per Month
Billed $99.95 every 12 month
(Save 36%)

It will also not show any ad which is actually very annoying along with that you may have 24/7 customer support to get your queries answered.


CyberGhost is the sixth one to be discussed in the list of VPN. The attractive part of this site is its theme!

Cyber ghost VPN

CyberGhost provides a free proxy for Google Chrome that is easy to install and easy to use as well. There is just an on/off button with a menu from where you may change your locations.

Where it providing a lot of privilege to its users i.e speed, free and usability you have a limited range of server as there are only 4 locations available but still, they are so much concerned about protecting your sensitive data.


Surf shark is the newcomer in the race but still, it’s trying very hard to grab a separate position based on its features and speed attributes.

Its features are really good and are creating a really good buzz in the market at a very early stage. Providing a lot of features at a lower rate, it’s giving a tough competition to top VPN service providers.

It’s highly capable of handling popular sites such as,

  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • BBC player

Let’s talk about speed as well, the servers are distributed among 500+ countries which are capable enough to upload and provide quality speed to the users. Its peak speed is 40-48 Mbps.

It’s pricing strategy is also simple, a monthly plan that is $11.95 and it’s security attributes provides 

  • Ip address
  • Browsing history
  • Used bandwidth
  • Session history
  • Network history
  • Connection timestamps


Zenmate VPN for chrome is the last one to be discussed. It offers both free and premium packages to its users.

Zenmate VPN

If I talk about protocols, then the free package comes with IPSec IKEv2 & L2TP whereas, the premium package comes with OpenVPN protocols.

It provides safe encryption and strong protocols. For Mac users, it uses IKEv2 and IPsec protocol which is indeed a strong protocol. 

Payment Plan

1 Months1 Year +6 Month
18th Month
6 Month
USD $10.99 per month

Billed 10.99 every month
USD $2.22 per month
Save 80%
Billed 39.96 first 18th month and yearly thereafter
USD $5.39 per month
Save 51%
Billed 32.34 every 06th month

Surprisingly, it works with Netflix with no viruses either. Its speed loss is within acceptable levels not worst.


Google chrome is a well-known browser with a lot of remarkable functionality and features but somehow it lacks in securing the privacy concerns.

So, to keep the privacy concerns maintained we install a VPN extension on Google Chrome to secure your sensitive data from malware attacks.

There is no doubt a lot of VPN available for Chrome but I have discussed the best 6 of the list, you may install them and have a look at how they work in the real environment.

Good luck!

Disclaimer: In the name of full transparency, please be aware that this blog post contains affiliate links and any purchases made through such links will result in a small commission for me (at no extra cost for you)

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