VPN Security Pros and Cons

VPN Security Pros and Cons

VPN Security Pros and Cons

VPN is used extensively due to a lot of reasons, some users use it as a shield to keep them safe from intruders and some use it to access geo-restricted sites.

These are just two reasons, apart from this there is a list of reasons people prefer VPN overusing unprotected internet. 

VPN which stands for Virtual Private Network is gaining a lot of attention in today’s era. It was initiated in the year 1998, and its market is increasing rapidly since then as the number of hackers is increasing rapidly and so does the risk of being hacked. 

There are multiple companies investing heavily in their I.T. infrastructure to the emerging need for security by users. Back in the ’90s, the internet was not so essential so, does the security and privacy attributes.

Security is the main motive of almost 9 out of 10 users of VPN, and this indicates how important security is. Not just in professional ambiance, even in personal use as well people are very concerned about their privacy and want to keep their data secure.

The motive of users may vary, as per their interest but the core reason is always the same which is to unblock sites, hide their locations and have a secure connection.

When you are on the network, there are 99% chances of being attacked by any hacker, and nowadays its so common to be hacked or tracked.

Can you read the word secure? Yes, you read it right. Security and Privacy are the two most important features in almost every VPN application, as now the ratio of intruders is increasing and due to this people want to keep their connection secure to avoid any such privacy issue.

Short Summary Points on ‘VPN Security Pros and Cons’

1. It always keeps your location hidden when using a VPN.
2. Keeps you away from Intruders and Hackers.
3. Provides a Dummy Address to hide your real identity.
4. It allows you to share data without any worries.
5. It helps you access the geo-restricted sites.
6. Download and upload data without worrying about your online activity being leaked.

1. Server located far away from you can make the internet speed slow.
2. It’s illegal in some countries.
3. It can slow down if the web connection is unthrottled
4. Your data can be monitored by the VPN service provider.
5. Some users might have performance issues when using a VPN

How your privacy is violated?

How your privacy is violated?

When you are connected to the Internet, you are giving open space to the hacker to simply hack your data without your allowance. You are using the internet, as per your everyday routine being unware of your data being hacked.

These hackers are sometimes, hacking for pleasure, or sometimes with some dedicated purpose and that’s critical.

VPN is the solution to such dilemmas, once you are connected to VPN by registering you are free from such worries and fears. Easy surfing and sharing of data can be done.

Does VPN make you anonymous?

Yes, once you have connected they allot you with a fake I.P. address that overshadows your real I.P. address along with this your physical location is also retained hidden. Anyone can track you with your I.P. address and that’s why you will be surfing on the internet anonymously after being connected to VPN.

Let’s have a look at some Pros and Cons of having a highly secure VPN.

Pros of VPN:

If we talk about pros, then to be very honest genuinely there are more pros as compared to cons. VPN was developed and launched to provide ease to users and make their online experience a more secure and private one with all the advantages they are demanding.

  • Security enhancement
  • Unblocks geo-restricted sites
  • Provides you Dummy I.P. address
  • Keeps your location private
  • Easy sharing of files
  • Easy Downloading

Security Enhancement:

Security Enhancement:

Security attribute is one of the major features, and without this, any VPN is not supposed to be powerful and intense in features.

In term of VPNs, encryption is the main aspect used and encrypt your message or data before being dispatched to the destination to avoid any problem in between. Intruders and hackers are distant from the key that is being used to decrypt the data file.

That’s why it is significant to use a VPN, before joining to any unknown or unprotected WiFi because you never who is behind the mirror waiting for your connection to establish and ruin your phone’s privacy.

Always keep in mind, if your connection is not secure anyone can come in between, without your confirmation, in order to steal your private data easily.

That’s why, it has been noted that leading companies use highly configured VPN, to strengthen their connection and avoid any data manipulation.

Two individuals can easily communicate, without having any fear of identity theft or phishing only if they are connected to a highly configured VPN.

Unblocks geo-restricted sites:

Another important reason, people use VPN and want security attribute is unblocking geo-restricted sites without their identity being shown on the platform. That’s where the ‘security’ feature is made prominent once again.

When you are unblocking any restricted or concerned site, you want your I.P. address to be kept hidden and secure from everyone on the network.

Since one of the basic functions of VPN is to unblock geo-restricted sites and they do this bu tunneling all such sites pass through the tunnel and appear to be a standard site with all their videos and slide easily accessible

For instance, Netflix is blocked in most of the countries, and with the passage of time as the popularity of Netflix is increasing due to their web series, and movies. People are shifting more towards Netflix and this is a plus point for both Netflix and VPN providers.

Let me explain, how. Netflix is generating more revenues due to the massive increase in their 

Market and target audience. VPNs are also generating revenues, as users in which Netflix is blocked access it uses some VPNs and in this way they are also earning the profit.

Provides your dummy I.P. Address:

Suppose, you are doing something very confidential without being connected to any VPN on the internet and you get caught through your I.P. address and your located is also tracked then what?

This fear is always in every person, who is reaching the internet without using any shield i.e VPN.

VPN providers are surely aware of this issue, and that is why the other most prominent feature they add up to their feature list is keeping their user’s identity safe and secure by providing them an imitation I.P. address and changing it alternatively to avoid any inconsistencies.

The dummy I.P. address will always change no matters if you reconnect to VPN every 5 minutes. This newly designated I.P. address will overshadow your real I.P. address and you can easily use any website or surf on the internet.

Keeps your location private:

Providing you with a dummy I.P. address is not the case, but keeping your location private is also important. Another important work done by VPN providers is to keep the physical location of their intended users secure.

Location tracking is one of the loopholes, users usually ignore and hackers can easily get their location once they have hacked you because with your I.P. address your location can be tracked easily in minutes.

Easy Sharing Of Files:

VPNs can be used to make conversation confidential and secure to avoid any identity theft. When you are sharing files on the internet, there are 99% chances of your conversation being interrupted by any third person and he/she can easily change your message without your acknowledgment.

You can easily share files and documents, being in the same building due to the remote access provided by VPN to their users. VPN makes it easy for any enterprise’s employees, to access the files and share them easily.

Easy downloads:

Another important reason, people prefer security in VPN is easy downloads. Mostly you are downloading files and videos, and want to keep your identity hidden and secure.

Once you have downloaded a VPN, you can access the internet without any issues and a trustworthy connection is built up, in which you can do easy downloading and sharing of files as it will provide you a mask address that will overshadow your actual I.P. address.


Now let’s discuss some cons of VPN,

  • Speed issue
  • Security issues
  • Network Complexities

Speed Issues:

The speed of the VPN depends on the server location, and it also depends on the workload you are putting it. If you want your connection to be secured, you will encrypt the data and this will overburden the VPN, due to which speed issues are raised.

Speed is very important, and if your VPN lacks speed although it’s good in security then no one is going to prefer it after once.

With high security, comes a high level of encryption and due to this speed is neglected and slow down the connection…

Security Issues:

Strong security is needed, mostly in enterprises as they want all their users and employees to easily do file sharing and daily conversation being done in remote areas without any hacking or phishing issues.

But this is only possible if you are having a strong connection made, and the users are well aware of the connection.

This is not possible every time, there are always some security issues left which is actually very disturbing for every leading enterprise as if their connection will be overlapped with any hacker all of their official and confidential data would be leaked.

Network issues:

Network topology is set up, to make the connection strong. But not everyone is capable of building a network topology with high-level protocols to keep the security attribute dominant and secure.

Making your connection secure, makes the network topology difficult and complex due to which if any network issue is conquered, it is difficult enough to solve it.


VPNs are made up of different fundamental units, and altogether they make it the best in town. Security is the core and fundamental brick on which all other features are listed up one by one.

If the basic brick is not in its right place, then the above-listed bricks will fall apart. The same happens with VPN features, that if it is not secure then no matter how strong your other features are your VPN is not considered to be in the good list.

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