Review on AirVPN

Review on Air VPN

VPN, that is also known as the “Virtual Private Networkis so necessary these days, due to emerging quantity of hacking incidents, it is very important to keep your connection secure and safe from intruders who can easily hack your network.

Like other leading VPNs, there is another one leading the row and have excellent features and services. AIR VPN, is one of the newest and best-selling VPN applications.

It is Italy based VPN, with their head offices located majorly in Italy and all the issues which are rendered are solved directly from there. This doesn’t mean that they are just restricted to Italy, in fact, they have other offices located in different countries.

They have a big and growing server infrastructure, with servers located in different countries and updating their services frequently with flaws solved smoothly.


AirVPN is based on OpenVPN and is used by activists and hackers in order to defend against net neutrality, privacy and security issues and unblocking censored sites easily.

The tagline of AIRVPN depicts the real essence of their services and deliverables. It says,

“The air to breathe the real Internet”

One of the core responsibilities of AIRVPN is to encrypt your connection and keep your online activities safe from intruders. Intruders are of different types some of white, black or grey hat hackers. 

Even when you are browsing on the internet, and sharing important data still, any hacker any easily hack your system without your acknowledgment and can monitor all your online activities.

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To cope up with all these activities, AIR VPN is here like other VPN service providers to provide you a shield from hackers and their sub-activities.

It has multiple pricing strategies, along with different protocols to enrich users’ experiences and make them loyal customers.

Short Summary points on AIRVPN

1. It protects your Personal Data.
2. Works as a shield between Users and Intruders.
3. Unblocks different Sites.
4. It has a great access speed.
5. Has no Traffic limit.
6. Hides your location.
7. Has a Zero Logging-Policy.

Features of Air VPN

Table of Contents

Let’s discuss some core features of AIR VPN, which makes it a better one and enhances the user’s experience.

  • Privacy and Security
  • Unblocks concerned sites
  • No traffic limit
  • Hides actual I.P. address
  • Hides location
  • No logging policy
  • Bandwidth and Protocols
  • Use of OPENVPN
  • Server infrastructure
  • Devices logging

Privacy and Security

Privacy and security, are the core features of AirVPN and even every VPN. Security is what every person is most concerned about as these days hackers are always hacking personal information of users to further blackmail them.

When it comes to official work, then the security quadrant is more concerned, and mostly with personal use VPNs are used mostly in offices. In offices, where data manipulation is highly done, and security is very important to keep confidential data safe from intruders.

Privacy is to keep the data private, without knowing who is sitting behind the computer, uploading or manipulating data. That’s what you call privacy.

AirVPN knows very well the importance of security and privacy attributes in the lives of users and that’s why they are always updating their services with new updates and improvements in securing the data privacy and security.

Unblocks concerned sites

The second most important feature, that users come up with and always search for is unblocking concerned or geo-restricted sites. As per research, it has been observed that in China almost every site is blocked due to the Great China Firewall.

Even in a lot of countries, Netflix is blocked and users can not access it like other casual users. To solve these problems up, AirVPN comes with the unblocking feature in which users simply log through their application and then can easily watch restricted sites or geo-restricted websites.

Amazing part os, they are not concerned with what site you are unlocking using their application. What they care about is to provide their users, a good user experience.

No Traffic Limit

Many VPN services provide limit the usage of users to some extent and after that, they can not browse easily as they do!

This is one of the most casual problems, users faces and due to which after some time they switch to some other VPN services providers. In this way, the VPN service providers lose their customers and a loss is observed.

AirVPN is well aware of this problem, and it is very important to understand the business value of your product in order to capture maximum revenues. They provide access to all sites, with their end nodes and don’t limit users to any specific range.

Hides actual I.P. address

And here comes the most important feature and the main building block of any VPN service providers. Your I.P. address is the one, through which any intruder or hacker can easily track your location and monitor all online activities.

All your information is locked with your I.P. address and after hacking your computer through your I.P. address all your details and online activities will be on the dashboard of an intruder in just one click!

AirVPN is well aware of this fact, and that’s why once a user gets registered with their application, the first thing they do is overlapping the actual I.P. address with a dummy I.P. address which is dynamic and keeps on changing with a particular time rate.

This makes the users experience a bit more good, and they keep on browsing on the internet without any issue and fear that no one can now track their online activities because of the shield provided by AirVPN.

No logging policy

No logging policy basically means that the VPN service provider is not monitoring your online activities. A lot of VPN service provider has this written on their feature description, but in reality, they are monitoring all your online activities and a log is maintained which has the URL of their online visited sites.

AirVPN has a no-logging policy, after registering except for your email address and name credentials they have no concern with their online activities. That’s why user easily browses online and this feature enriches the user experience as well.

Hides location

With I.P. address comes another feature known as hiding location. With your I.P. address, your physical location is also associated and can be tracked.

Another thing which AirVPN does is, hide your location as well so that in case any intruder tries to hack your personal computer so they might get a wrong location promoting due to the location privacy concerns provided by AirVPN.

Bandwidth and Protocols

High speed and usage of good protocols are very important, as if your VPN has all the features but does bot provide high speed then there is actually no use of any good features.

The user always wants high speed, when it comes to browsing online or watching some videos. Use of goof protocols, helps the user manipulates data and strengthens the features and services being provided to users.

AirVPN provides high bandwidth, their speed depends on the server speed and a  4 Mbit/s download + 4 Mbit/s upload. 


It uses OpenVPN, and the data incoming and outcoming is catered using the OpenVPN protocols. Open VPN is well known because the good protocols and services being provided to their users and Air VPN also use OpenVPN over SSH or SSL keeps users towards AirVPN.

Server infrastructure

The speed of any VPN depends on the number of servers located in that country, the more servers a VPN has located in any country the more high-speed people will observe while surfing online on the internet.

AirVPN has a server infrastructure of more than 500+ in different countries and regions as they are always improving their services they are always working hard to increase the location of the server in order to speed up the browsing speed.

Devices logging

The last feature to be discussed before we jump to the conclusion is the number of devices AirVPN supports simultaneously under the same account.

After reviewing and using the application myself, it has been observed that AirVPN supports up to 5+ devices at a time and all these devices can easily use the services.

In simple words, it supports five simultaneous connections per account which a very prominent feature.


Air VPN is a very well known VPN service provider with a good user interface and the features are very amazing.

All of its amazing features are discussed above in the article and I hope after reading the whole article you may have a clear understanding of what basically AirVPN is and what are its core features.


How many pricing packages it has?

There are core three pricing packages being provided to users. The standard, premium, and gold.

Which protocol does it use mainly?

Open VPN is used as a protocol, with different protocols to enrich the services.

Disclaimer: In the name of full transparency, please be aware that this blog post contains affiliate links and any purchases made through such links will result in a small commission for me (at no extra cost for you)

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