Review on PandaVPN

Review on Panda VPN

VPNs are used widely all over the world, and this because of the increasing threats, and security breach people are facing with the passage of time.

Security threats are seen in many domains, like offices and education centers where the data is highly valuable and important any type of security hack or threats, is going to bring a big problem for the whole organization.

Review on Panda VPN

Even in daily usage, there are a lot of websites that are blocked due to geo-restricted, and due to this restriction, the users of that region can not access that website easily.

They face a lot of issues in using that website due to which all of them are always searching for a third way to get an alternate to join that website easily, and eath the content.

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To solve all of these problems, the tech community came up with a term VPN, known as Virtual Protected Network, that was solving all the issues of users under one umbrella.

Most newbie VPNs are not trusted very easily by the customers, and they have many issues in fulfilling the security attributes, but Panda VPN is superbly fulfilling these all issues.

Today’s article is all about a newly launched VPN, known as Panda VPN. Panda VPN first of all, is a newcomer in the market but still manages to maintain its own identity with its superb features, and insurance of security and privacy concerns.

Does it keep the security measures conserved?

Panda VPN always takes their customer’s desires and needs as their first priority, and that’s why they never compromise on security and privacy concerns.

For all those who are an avid user of the Internet, and love to serve online then Panda VPN is the best option to go with, which will not only give them secure access to their desired websites, in just a single click.

 Panda VPN gives the guarantee that they will provide them a secure link, through which all of their personal information will remain safe from intruders, and hackers who are just waiting for a loophole to get into the systems easily.

There are millions of questions that come in the mind of every VPN user when they are trying a new connection, or service providers because their whole network and data are in the hands of that newly selected server.

So, settle down, because this article will answer all of the questions regarding Panda VPN with a detailed discussion on its services, and policy, so that the right choice is made without any extra or charges.

Is the connection of Panda VPN paid, or free?

There are many packages of Panda VPN. One is paid, and the other one is free, it depends on the user entirely which package they are going to choose.

There are a lot of features that are not available in the free version of the VPN, whereas the paid one has a wider range of features, that are open to the users exclusively.

Let’s have a look at the strength, and weakness of Panda VPN,


Following are the strength of Panda VPN,

  1. It doesn’t keep the logs of the user’s activity
  2. Free plans available
  3. Privacy and Security Concerns are secured
  4. It provides Antivirus support
  5. Functional on both Windows and IOs
  6. Unblocks Netflix, and other restricted sites


Now, let’s have a look at the weakness of Panda VPN as well,

  • Failure in setting up a Kill switch
  • Unfriendly location-based
  • Doesn’t performs well at streaming
  • Is not Functional in China
  • Lacks in speed performance
  • Lacks in multiple device supports at a time
  • Pricing packages are quite expensive
  • Poor support for clients, and chat facility

Is Panda VPN lacking in providing a lot of facilities, and features?

As a newcomer in the market, Panda VPN still manages really hard to keep updating their services, and facilities. No doubt, it lacks in providing a lot of features, like ExpressVPN, and Cyber Ghost but it still manages to sustain in the market.

Currently, the team and leads of Panda VPN are working really hard to maintain the privacy and security attributes stable, and other important features then they’ll move towards further advancements like Kill switch, TOR, Video streaming, and a lot more.

Same as other VPN, many users are worried about their online activities, like whether they are saving their activities or creating a log of their activities saved.

Absolutely yes, Panda VPN makes sure that they are not saving the online activities of their customers, to make them feel secure and satisfied with the services. 

Let’s have a look at some of the quality features, of Panda VPN,

Quality Features of Panda VPN

  • Anti Virus Facility
  • Pricing Strategies
  • No log policies
  • Devices Supports
  • Numbers of Servers
  • Fast Streaming
  • VPN Torrenting
  • Unblocks geo-restricted sites, like Netflix

Now, discuss each of these features in detailed, to have a piece of much better information about them, accordingly

Anti Virus Facility

The first features, which Panda VPN facilitates its customers with, is AntiVirus support.  A lot of users many times complain about viruses or brute force attacks which makes their computers lack a lot, and slow down the working speeds

These kinds of issues are usually rendered when a virus is injected into the systems without the concerns of users.

There are buttons, on the basis of which the VPN scans the whole files, and folders to make sure that there are no such files infected with viruses.

Even it comes with a USB cleaning kit, where it boots and cleans the USB from viruses, and makes the whole connection secure.

Panda VPN has a very simple interface and is just one click away if the user wants to enable scanning for viruses of files.

Pricing Strategies

Panda VPN comes with two packages, one is free which has limited services, and features being provided to customers, whereas some are paid that are available at some really high rates.

One other important feature about Panda VPN is when a user signs up for availing the Antivirus services it automatically enables VPN routes as well.

The price rates for Panda VPN services are dollar 10 a month, or dollars 6,45 a month if you are planning to subscribe for the whole year.

The packages are a bit expensive, but it is always recommended to first see the VPN features, and services through its trial version, and then invest as much money as possible.

No log policies

Most VPN service providers have written in their description that there are no-logging policies, meanwhile, they have all the information saved, and keep track of their online activities which is very dangerous for the users themselves.

Panda VPN is a true admirer of their customers, and that’s why they try their best to keep the securities measures of their clients approved.

Once you log in, by submitting your email address, and passwords, then after that Panda VPN doesn’t maintain any log of your online activities saved in any sort of repository.

Devices Supports

Many VPNs provide simultaneous support to multiple devices at a time, on just one account, and many fail to do that.

Panda VPN gives support to 2 or more devices, not more than that, and as a newcomer in the market, it is not a bad start initially.

Number of Servers

The number of servers makes it easy for the users to connect to VPN easily, even the speed attribute also increases, with the passage of time.

The phenomenon is quite simple, once you are connected with the nearby server, then you’ll observe a vibrant speed in the connection.

Panda VPN has over 1000+ servers located in different regions of the country, only they are not operating in China.

Fast Streaming

Panda VPN provides fast streaming, compared to other newbie services providers. It gives a fast speed throughput, to videos, and any other online streaming video, if the user is connected with the nearby servers.

VPN Torrenting

Torrenting is becoming very popular in recent times, and it is because a lot of illegal activities come along with it.

Panda VPN offers secure torrenting in its premium version, but the only way to switch and use secure torrenting is to opt for a premium package.

Although it allows secure torrenting, it still fails in Peer-to-Peer sharing. But this Panda VPN is still working really hard to manage and increase their services level.

Unblocks geo-restricted sites, like Netflix

Netflix is a widely used network, for entertainment, and in many countries, it is blocked due to restrictions.

Panda VPN also unblocks many geo-restricted sites, along with Netflix, and IPlayer so that all of its dedicated users can easily access the files without any issues.


In a nutshell, Panda VPN is still better than a lot of newly launched VPNs and is working really hard to meet the footsteps of famous VPNs and update their services and functionalities accordingly.

It has been topped with a lot of features, that are written in a detailed way in this whole article, and are one of the important features of the VPN.


Is Panda VPN free?

Yes, it has both a free and paid version. You can go with the free package, to avail of its services and then decide whether to use it or not.

Is Panda VPN pro also available?

Yes,  a pro version of Panda VPN is also available online for windows and IOs.

Can the package be updated, if wanted to change after availing services for free?

Yes, the package can be changed, to the premium one or vice versa, any time.

Disclaimer: In the name of full transparency, please be aware that this blog post contains affiliate links and any purchases made through such links will result in a small commission for me (at no extra cost for you)

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