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Ivacy VPN Review

IVACY Review

IvacyVPN is a Singapore based VPN, a newbie in the market as well but apart from this fact, it is providing exceptional services to its users.

Cryptography is highly supported by IvacyVPN, and it’s one of the main reasons it is gaining a lot of popularity in this era, where ExpressVPN and NordVPN are leading the race.

When you are selecting any VPN, what you see is the functionalities and how many websites or applications it is unblocking. Only a few, out of many go through all the specifications, before downloading any application.

IvacyVPN is a Singapore based,  10 years old VPN application which is providing extensions for chrome or Mozilla firefox a well. Being a moderate VPN application, it is providing a lot of functionalities, giving a tough competition to CyberGhost VPN.


It is very easily available, on searching it online through your browser in just one click. The storefront on clicking the link is very simple and easily understandable.

Short summary of IvacyVPN

1. Prevents intruders to access your data.
2. It Supports Cryptography.
3. It helps in unblocking different sites.
4. P2P is enabled.
5. It has great access time.
6. It has a zero-logging policy.
7. More than 3 devices can be connected simultaneously.
8. IPv6 Leak Protection enabled.

IvacyVPN quality scoreboard:

Ease of Use8.5
Customer feedbacks8.2
Justification for money8.0
Ease of Operation8.3

This is the scoreboard for IvacyVPN, which has been finalized after analyzing the user’s response towards the above-mentioned quality attributes.

IvacyVPN has been rated 4.5 out of 5 stars, by their users and it is all because of their services plus the core functionalities making the life of users easier.

It is considered as one of the best security providers, as it prevents ISP tracking along with all the third-party spying, who are always waiting for a loop-hole to penetrate into your system.

Let’s discuss some advantages and disadvantages of IvacyVPN:


Following are the advantages of IvacyVPN:

  1. A very attractive user-interface.
  2. It is a Singapore based VPN, and that’s why most servers are located over there.
  3. P2P service enabled.
  4. It has a big server infrastructure of 459+ servers, located in different countries.
  5. It is covering more than 55 countries.
  6. Multiple pricing packages.
  7. Data encryption, using AES-256-GCM
  8. It has a VPN protocol, OpenVPN-UDP
  9. Unblocks a lot of geo-restricted sites such as Netflix.
  10. It allows more than 3 devices to be connected simultaneously.
  11. Zero logging policy guaranteed.
  12. Data transferring can be done, easily.
  13. It keeps your location private.
  14. It provides a dummy I.P. address, that overlaps your real address.
  15. Internet Kill Switch is also provided.
  16. It comprises of multiple protocols, to boost up their services.
  17. Split-tunneling is also provided.
  18. DNS server enabled.
  19. It has IPv6 Leak Protection enabled.
  20. It has a very attractive dashboard.


Following are the disadvantages of IvacyVPN:

  1. The biggest disadvantage of IvacyVPN is still, they are not TOR compatible although their team is working a lot to make it compatible with it.
  2. Once you have purchased any package, you cannot get your amount back after 30-days.
  3. Even the 30-days refund policy, has some different terms and conditions to avail it fully.
  4. Some times, due to great usage users face speed issues.

Do you know, it has been awarded?

IvacyVPN being an all-round has been awarded twice in the past year due to its services and features. Due to its features, it has been awarded twice. 

The Fastest VPN Award:

Having such a big server infrastructure with multiple servers placed in different countries, every user has commented 4 stars out of 5 and the feedbacks are mostly about good online speed without any buffering.

The Best Value Award:

The best value award has been also recorded in the year 2019. The pricing packages of IvacyVPN are so justifiable and after purchasing any packages the provide the best services along with features.

The Best VPN Award Overall:

Another award that IvacyVPN won, was the award for the best VPN for its overall features and services rendered.

Do you know it has online Customer Support?

Amazingly, like other leading VPN services providers, IvacyVPN has been serving their customer with their online customer support features. A bot is always there, who is answering all of the questions of users.

If there is no individual at the moment, to solve the respective queries of users.

Features of IvacyVPN:

Now let’s discuss some of its core features, making it different from other VPNs:

  • Multiple Devices Support
  • Dummy I.P. Address
  • No logging policy
  • High Speed and Bandwidth 
  • Supports Android, IOs, and Windows
  • Promo Codes
  • Location Hiding
  • 30-Days money-back guarantee
  • Customer Services
  • Pricing Packages

Multiple Devices Support:

Nowadays, a normal person is having more than one working phone in his/her hand. Both of the phones are mostly synchronized with a single google account so, that the contacts and important data are saved in a single account’s repository.

When you are downloading VPN, in both the account obviously no one will make multiple accounts to avail of the services in both of the phones.

To solve this problem, IvacyVPN comes with multiple device support, it allows up to 3 to 4 devices at a time, sharing the same account. It allows up to 5 concurrent logins easily.

Dummy I.P. Address:

Hackers and intruders are just around the corner waiting for any loophole to penetrate into your system and easily hack your information then they might use it, to blackmail you!

Imagine someone hacked your personal data, and then use it against you. All you watched and searched for history everything. An I.P. address is the one medium through which any third person can easily track your location and hack your whole system.

IvacyVPN provides a wall to save your system from such unknown access. It simply provides you a dummy I.P. address, that will overlap your real I.P. address and hides your physical location as well.

No logging policy:

Most VPN services providers have ‘ no-logging policy’ written in their feature list.  But apart from this, they are saving your online activities alternatively. Users are unaware of this fact, and they keep on searching, sharing their password on the backend, those VPN services providers are keeping a record of your online activities.

This fact is so, dangerous but IvacyVPN is cable enough to cope up with this problem by actually providing a ‘zero-logging policy’.  They just ask you for your email address and some very general information that’s it after that they have no link with your online activities.

Hide Speed and Bandwidth:

Every VPN should provide high speed and throughput, this is only possible if they are having their servers located in multiple locations. The more near your server is located, the faster you can search on the internet while connected to the VPN.

IvacyVPN have their servers located in these countries,

  1. United States
  2. Australia
  3. Belgium
  4. Canada
  5. China
  6. United Arabs
  7. United Kingdom
  8. Egypt
  9. France
  10. Germany
  11. Malaysia
  12. India
  13. Nigeria
  14. Russia
  15. South Africa
  16. Sweden
  17. Switzerland
  18. Ukraine

IvacyVPN has a big infrastructure of about 459+ servers, located in different locations in the above-mentioned countries. Due to such a big server infrastructure, IvacyVPN provides high speed to their users and due to this they recently won an award of fastest VPN service provider 2019.

Supports Android, IOs, and Windows:

Many VPN applications, does not support IOs or many supports IOs but there is no extension available for Windows. This extension and compatibility issue is forced by almost every single application.

User’s mostly don’t download some of the VPN applications, due to their unavailability of support in the respective device. Although they have their services and features just up to the mark.

IvacyVPN is well aware of this problem, and that’s why its easily downloadable on both Windows, Andriod or Ios.

Promo Codes:

If you are a frequent user of anything, then you are always looking for a discount to avail of the service at some discounted prices.

IvacyVPN although have some very justifiable pricing packages, but they also have promo codes scheme in order to capture more customers.

Location Hiding:

Once your I.P. address has been tracked by an intruder he can easily track your physical location and can reach you very easily.

IvacyVPN will not just provide you a dummy address, but will also hide your physical location. So that there is no loophole in between.

30-Days money-back guarantee:

Once you have purchased any package, and then after using all its functions, you are not satisfied with the services then what to do??

IvacyVPN knows very well, how to cater to this problem that’s why they offer 30-days money-back guarantee. If you have paid the full payment, and after some days within 30-days you are not satisfied with the features.

Then you can easily claim for your money back, and surprisingly IvacyVPN will return your whole amount without any cut-off.

Customer Services:

IvacyVPN has online customer care services available, like if a user is having any issue regarding services or features then they can ask easily on their online customer assistance chat.

Excluding this, they also have an email address to further contact them for any issues.

Pricing Packages:

IvacyVPN has three pricing packages, which the user can select as per their usability and value.


IvacyVPN has been a great VPN services provider, in the past years. It has been working successfully for the past 10 years.

Since then they are always improving their features, every day with some new updates to stay updated in the market. Ivacy VPN also has a very attractive user interface, enhancing the experience of users and capture as many clients as possible.


Does IvacyVPN accept the money back application?

Yes, if the user claims their money back within 30-days of purchase then IvacyVPN returns all the money without having any additional cutoff.

Is IvacyVPN easily operational in China?

Yes, it can be used easily in China. Only a few VPNs are used in China due to their Great Firewall restrictions, but IvacyVpn is one of those who are used easily in China.

Which package is a more suitable one for a normal user?

The one month package is more than enough for a normal user, who is not using it for some official work.

Disclaimer: In the name of full transparency, please be aware that this blog post contains affiliate links and any purchases made through such links will result in a small commission for me (at no extra cost for you)

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