Review on PUREVPN

Review on PureVPN

Review on PureVPN

PureVPN is an old fish in the market, with very new features and attractive user interface. Basically, VPNs are so necessary these days, due to the increasing amount of hackers around the globe.

In a nutshell,

PureVPN is all about, safe and secure streaming on the internet, with high speed and a shield against online security threats that is very common these days.”

VPNs these days, are so necessary due to the privacy and security threats increasing on a daily basis. Years ago, hackers were not found easily and it was hard enough to penetrate into anyone’s personal computer by sitting miles away.

Now as technology has grown with a boom, hacking is considered to be an unethical act,l hack but still, people are more towards hacking and its very easy to hack anyone’s personal data from their I.P address or even when you logged into some public unsecured Wifi.

Providing fast speed is one of the core features of PureVPN. As it was developed by developers who were before developing sports games, that’s why they were well aware of the fact that how important speed is.

Summary of Review on PureVPN

1. Its a Hongkong based VPN.
2. It makes sure to secure your online activities.
3. The main purpose of making PureVPN was high speed.
4. Multiple Servers worldwide.
5. Compatible with Windows, Android, and IOS.
6. It has a 30-days refund policy for unsatisfied users.
7. Unblocks geo-restricted websites like Netflix and other Applications.
8. Hides the user’s actual location by making a dummy I.P Address.
9. It has powerful 256-bit encryption and optimized protocols

Is VPN secure enough to be connected to?

This question is raised almost by every individual, that is it safe enough to use a VPN as a third party tool to save your personal information to be saved from being hacked.

So, the answer is YES! The core function of the VPN is to provide you a shield from all the hackers who are always looking for a loophole to get into your system

This loophole mainly means the I.P. addresses through which your location can be tracked easily and your data can be hacked in a minute without even your acknowledgment!

Users keep on using their laptops and phones, on the other hand, the hacker or intruder is enjoying the act by monitoring all your activities.

When was PureVPN launched? A brief history…

PureVPN is a HongKong based VPN, which was developed by GZ Systems Limited, a software company. It was basically developed by software, who were more into developing sports games, the main idea of developing this VPN was with high speed.

It was made initially available to the audience in the year 2007, later on by each passing year, the great infrastructure of PureVPN keeps on adding a new feature to boost up the services.


PureVPN is considered to be the fastest and safest VPN in town. It has a very justifiable reason for it as well, it has a very powerful 256-bit encryption and optimized protocols like OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, SSTP, PPTP, and even IKEv2.

The amazing part of the history of PureVPN was it was co-founded by Uzair Gadit who is based in Pakistan. Although the original founder of PureVPN was the GZ system limited.

From 2007 until now, they are improving every bug which was encountered when users start interacting with the application. Not just this, it is well known because of high speed and low-budget user-friendly VPN service provider.

What does PureVPN Feature?

  1. Dummy I.P. Address
  2. Location Hiding
  3. Multiple servers
  4. Devices support
  5. No logging policy
  6. Refunding Policy
  7. Fast Speed
  8. Unblocks sites

Dummy I.P. Address:

As discussed before, the I.P. address is one of the links through which your personal computer can be hacked easily and steadily.

Many users were unaware of this fact, keep on using and streaming data without thinking that any intruder can easily hack their data.

PureVPN knows the drill and the importance of the I.P. address in keeping your data safe and sound. Although your I.P. address is dynamic and it keeps on changing it still needs to be overshadowed by another one to fill out the loophole.

PureVPN overshadows the I.P. address with a dummy address, which will show a fake location and a fake address as well. In case, if any intruders get access to your pc, still they won’t be able to track your actual location and penetrate into your data and private files.

Location Hiding:

Another thing, through which any user can be tracked after having hands on the I.P. address is your physical location. Once any intruder accesses your personal computer through your I.P. address, then your location can be traced easily.

PureVPN with dummy I.P. address also hides your physical location and the theory behind is very simple and easy to understand. Once you have logged in, by entering your credentials and initially required information, a dummy I.P. address is provided along with a list to select which location you want to go with.

After the selection is done, you can now stream on the internet with the new dummy I.P. address and location. Who so ever, will then trace will not be aware of your actual address. And this is actually amazing!!!

Multiple servers:

The number of servers plays a very vital role in the advancement of speed and that’s why every leading VPN service providers have a large server infrastructure.

PureVPN has a server infrastructure of about 2000+ servers located in different areas of countries. The relationship between speed and server is directly proportional to each other.

The more servers are located in a country, the more high-speed users in that will observe. Let’s discuss the server locations, where PureVPN is easily accessible.

  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Africa
  • Afghanistan
  • Europe
  • North America
  • Australia
  • Middle East
  • Bangladesh
  • North America

With a very big server infrastructure, PureVPN has a very solid speed in all of the outreached areas. Users are always well satisfied by the speed attributes, and that’s why they are still increasing their count of servers rapidly.

Devices support:

Mostly a lot of devices have compatibility issues, and due to this, they lost a lot of customers. Obviously, if companies are investing money in making the VPN stronger in services and features then in return they ask for revenues.

And if any users come to your official site, and went back without downloading your application due to compatibility issues then this is a big issue. 

PureVPN is compatible with almost all the major devices including IOs, Android, and Windows. It can be downloaded easily on all the devices without any additional charges. It comes with the trial version, once the user is satisfied with the services and features they may proceed to purchase any package.

Adding a PureVPN extension to your browser is simple and can be done in just one click. On mobile phones, it can be downloaded easily from the Google Play Store or Apple store.

No logging policy:

Logging policy, in reading it seems simple but if we look into it to understand what it means, then it will scare you because if you read logging policy in any VPN features description with Yes then be ready as that VPN is saving all of your data and online activities.

Some VPN services providers show no-logging policy in their description but are maintaining a repository of your online activities. PureVPN doesn’t have any logging policy. It just acquires your email address and username after that, whatsoever you do they are not monitoring anything.

Refunding Policy:

PureVPN comes with a refund policy of 30-days. Firstly, you can use the trial version of PureVPN, in which few of the features and services will be provided. Afterward, you can purchase any package, as per your needs.

They offer 30-days money-back policy. If you don’t like the services after purchasing any package, then you can claim your money back but just in 30 days. After that, none of your claims would be entertained by the team.

Fast Speed:

PureVPN is well known because of its fast speed. As it was developed by a sports game developing software house, so they were well aware of the speed issues.

PureVPN offers high speed, which is a very prominent attribute in the feature list. Users love the high speed provided by PureVPN, that’s why they are generating more revenue with every passing year …

Unblocks sites:

Another reason, for which users download VPN is unblocking geo-restricted sites. Some of the famous sites are Netflix, Facebook, and Instagram which are blocked mostly in a lot of regions.

PureVPN unblocks geo-restricted sites, very easily. Netflix can be unlocked easily and users can enjoy the videos in just one click. Half of the total usage of a VPN is used to unblock geo-restricted sites…


In a nutshell, PureVPN is a leading VPN service provider with a lot of services and feature enhancement every year. 

They offer amazing pricing packages, and so justifiable that users can choose any of the packages. The low-pricing strategy is one of their strategies. Apart from pricing, fast speed is another active attribute of PureVPN.

I hope this article will enhance your knowledge of PureVPN’s features and services. And you’ll visit their website to download their application at least once.


Does PureVPN extension available on chrome?

Yes, PureVPN is available on chrome. Its extension is easily available online and can be added respectively.

PureVPN offers multiple pricing packages?

Yes, PureVPN has three pricing packages. You can select the package as per your usage.

Is PureVPN accessible in China?

No, very few VPNs are easily working in China. PureVPN is not one of them. ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and Ivacy can work easily.

Disclaimer: In the name of full transparency, please be aware that this blog post contains affiliate links and any purchases made through such links will result in a small commission for me (at no extra cost for you)

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