Review on Express VPN

Review On Express VPN

ExpressVPN Review

Express VPN is one of the best for Android, MAC, and Windows. It is the number one leader in the market of VPNs.

Express VPN is a very famous British

Short Summary Points on Express VPN Review

1. ExpressVPN is one of the best for Windows, MAC, and Android.
2. It is number one in the market of VPNs.
3. It’s a British-based VPN.
4. ExpressVPN has its servers in almost 160 cities, and in 96 countries.
5. Protects you from intruders and hackers.
6. Unblocks the blocked sites.
7. Allows torrenting and provides high speed.
8. It has a zero-logging policy.
9. Provides the user with a Dummy IP Address.

based VPN service provider. As we all know, there are a lot of VPN providers in the market and everyone is trying their best to capture maximum customers.

In a rush of hundreds of VPN providers, Express VPN is the one that has been ruling the market for so long. Because it knows how to stand alone in the crowd, satisfying their customers by their splendid services and features.

They are delivering more features under a single platform, which many VPNs failed to deliver! Let me give an example,

Express VPN has its servers expand in almost 160 cities, collectively in 94 countries. They have 3,000 servers spread out in every respective area. Mostly, their servers are spread in Europe and Asian.

Express VPN is a game-changer, providing high speeds and torrenting. Using it we can easily download files at a very high speed of 83.15 Mbps,  making them one of the fastest ones in the market of VPNs.

Let’s discuss some core features of Express VPN,

  • Privacy: Yes, they offer complete privacy
  • Logging: Zero logging policy
  • Performance: High-performance measure
  • Unblocks sites: Yes, unblocks a lot of sites including Netflix
  • Pricing Packages: Different pricing packages
  • Torrenting: Yes, it allows torrenting
  • Compatible with MAC/Andriod/Windows: Compatible on both
  • Live Chat: Yes, it provides 24/7 hours live chat 
  • Protocols: It uses different protocols.
  • Extension: It works perfectly with browser extension with HTTPs.
  • Split Tunneling: yes, provided
  • VPN router: Yes it has a dedicated VPN router app for unlimited connections and usage.
  • Large network infrastructure: Yes it has a large and secure server network.


Privacy is a more important element in any VPN and if there is no privacy then no one is going to download your application.

Privacy and security are the two most important factors, which no one can compromise on. Encryption and AES-256-CBC make the privacy element more promising.

Nord VPN also provides free support to perfect secrecy by assigning you another security key every time you connect to any new server and keep on changing it, every 60 minutes.

DNS privacy control is another support Nord VPN is providing no leak for its security credentials, not even this it is also running its own private tunnel, with 256-bit encrypted and zero-knowledge DNS server on each and every connection user is making.

Let me also tell you that, if you use unencrypted and unsecured DNS servers then you are giving an open door to every hackers and intruder to easily hack your information.

Zero-logging policy:

Mostly, you will this tag line in almost every VPN application while downloading it that no-logging policy.

What basically logging policy means is, no Maintainance of your online activities. Sometimes, they just keep a record of I.P. addresses they allot to every user for security purposes.

Express VPN states that it doesn’t keep any log of your online activities,  but still it keeps a record of the date you are logging into any site and the version number each client is using.

It also stores the amount of data, you are retrieving every day. This practice is followed by every VPN provider, but they don’t admit it.


Speed is the most important metric on which we measure the performance of any VPN and if any VPN lacks speed then no one uses it further.

Also, they give bad reviews about that VPN, as feedbacks and it has so bad impact on VPN’s value. 

After some tests, it was seen that the connection was connected in 2 to 3 seconds and the speed was relatively high as compared to others.

Bandwidth was maximum so as the latency, both these two factors are very important for the speed checking of any VPN.

One more important factor of a VPN is, it should be highly responsive while watching any blocked site such as Netflix or any other website.

If the website is responsive and there is less buff in between then, the VPN is working great and good speed performance is observed.

Unblock Sites: 

Express VPN unblocks a lot of famous sites, that are blocked restricted in many regions. For instance, if your favorite site is just accessible to U.S. clients and other than that no one can view it then VPN is the only way to go with.

Express VPN understands this issue, and that’s why they also allow users to unblock a lot of geo-restricted websites.

Youtube is also blocked in some regions, but it is always so easy to unblock them. But unblocking Netflix is not an easy task as Netflix keeps a proper check of their users and who is viewing their videos.

BBC iplayer is also one of them, and Express VPN also unblock this website to make the users experience more amazing.

Pricing Packages:

Express VPN is not a free application. You have to pay for every service, you are using and utilizing.

It has three different packages, users can select the respective package as per their needs and usage.


Express VPN at first doesn’t seem torrent-friendly but in reality, it is not only supporting torrenting but it is also keeping your connection safe from a lot of hassles.

There is no bandwidth issues, nor any throughout issues. The company says you can select servers as per your need as they are providing a large range of Express servers.

The company doesn’t have any data cap and says that the company will never throttle your connection.


The other most important factor, users search for before downloading or using any VPN is; are they compatible with their devices.

If not then, they go for some other VPN and in this way they lose their customers. Amazingly, Express VPN is compatible with MAC/Andriod and Windows both.

They work correctly with both the devices and are fully functional in all aspects.

Live Chat:

Mostly, we face some issues and to solve them we need to contact the right authority to solve that issue.

This could only be possible if there is some customer care representative or live chat service provided by the company.

Express VPN is providing live chat services to its users, through which they can solve any issues coming in their services while using it.

24 hours live chat is a plus point for Express VPN as mostly VPN lacks in taking feedbacks from their customers and even solving their issue instantly.


In Express VPN windows format, you can different protocols as per your need easily and they are compatible with any selected protocols as well.

  • OpenVPN UDP
  • OpenVPN TCP
  • IPSec/L2TP
  • PPTP

If automatic is selected, instead of manual then Express VPN will select the protocol itself and will let the user start browsing and using different sites.


Express VPN has multiple extensions for both Chrome, Firefox and even on iPhones Safari browsers. Mostly, VPN don’t provide extensions and due to this, they lose their customers.

Express VPN knows this problem, that’s why they provide extensions for every possible so that users can run the application smoothly.

One more interesting fact about using Express Vpn extension is, you can easily switch server locations directly from your browsers rather than doing it from some desktop VPN client.

Dedicated VPN router:

Express VPN is the only one of the VPN services provider, that has a dedicated VPN router.

Using a VPN on your router is a very smart way, to get unlimited bandwidth and connection. The phenomenon behind it is very simple.

The router will be counted as a single connection but all those devices that will be connected to it can avail all the VPN services automatically without downloading any VPN application explicitly.

These features make the use of VPN based router a good choice,

  • Easy switching between different VPN servers.
  • Easy split tunneling
  • Kill switch

Split Tunneling:

Express VPN along with a lot of services, also provides a split tunneling feature for both windows, mac, and Andriod.

For those who don’t know what split tunneling is and why is it used for then let me tell you,

Split tunneling allows you to any application you want the VPN tunnel to go through and that application can bypass VPN tunnel to run encrypted internet or browse data.

There are some core features of Split tunneling you can select in the settings of the VPN,

  • Every application can use VPN.
  • Select any application, that cannot be accessed by it.
  • Allow only one application, to go through split tunneling.

Secure and large network:

Express VPN provides a large and secure network to keep the privacy and security attribute constant.

Express VPN explains their privacy and big network on their blog as,

“With our industry-first TrustedServer technology, our VPN servers run only on volatile memory (RAM), not on hard drives. Since RAM requires power to store data, this guarantees that all information on a server is wiped every time it is powered off and on again”


Express VPN is one of the best VPN service providers in the market of VPNs. Above discussed are all the bullet points, and features making Express VPN a game-changer.

It is providing the best services and is liked by a lot of users.  

Disclaimer: In the name of full transparency, please be aware that this blog post contains affiliate links and any purchases made through such links will result in a small commission for me (at no extra cost for you)

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