Review Article on IPVanish

Review Article On IPVanish

VPNs are now in a wide range in the market, and the count is increasing rapidly over time.

The reason for the rapid increase in the market of VPN is the lack of privacy and high rates of hacking. Every user wants secure access without showing their actual location.

VPNs were invented years ago, but as time passes the need for VPN is also increasing because hackers are more into the market and they are just looking for some loopholes left behind to attack the user’s system and their online activities.

There are different types of hacking, both online and offline but as soon as the internet gets involved then downloading VPN is the best available option!

IPVanish is gaining a lot of attention from users, due to its superb user interface, high priority to user’s needs and importance to privacy/security to the maximum.

If you want to know why VPNs are important and why you need one, then you may check this article of mine. It has a detailed discussion of the pros and cons of the VPN.

IPVanish is not a big fish in the market, although it was developed years ago in 1999 under the rule of Mudhook Marketing (located in the US, Florida). So, it’s a US-based VPN.

IPVanish is also building up a separate infrastructure to provide the best services to its users, with the best speed possible!

It has an infrastructure of about 1,300 servers in different locations. The best part of IPVanish is, it has no traffic issues.

Short Summary on ‘Review of IPVanish’

1. It was developed in 1999 by a US-Based Organization, Madhook Marketing.
2. IPVanish’s high priority is to provide maximum privacy and security to the user
3. It has no Traffic issues, so users can enjoy the best speed possible.
4. Hides the user’s Private IP Address and generates a dummy one.
5. IPVanish provides a decent user interface.
6. Unblocks geo-restricted sites.
7. It is TOR Compatible.
8. Torrenting is allowed in IPVanish VPN.
9. It has a zero-traffic logs policy.

It provides the best speed and is liked by users due to this speed attribute. The other most important attribute is security and privacy.

Security is the first attribute, as every user use VPN for security because they want secure access and want to keep their identity saved.

Privacy is also very important in regards, to keeping the user’s identity safe and keeping your I.P. address and location safe from intruders.

Are you interested in knowing more features of IPVanish in detail? Then gear up as I’m now discussing all the important features of IPVanish in a go.


  • Maximum Speed
  • Decent User Interface
  • Zero traffic logs
  • Aes-256 support
  • Torrenting
  • Unblocks sites
  • Maximum connection to devices 
  • No Malware Found
  • TOR Compatible
  • Pricing Packages

Maximum Speed

Speed is the first attribute, every user crave for! The first thing they notice even before privacy is how much speedy their intended work is being done.

If it’s late or in a low pitch, then even without seeing all it’s best features they move towards other applications. 

IPVanish is providing good speed to their users, let me share the pining and download speed for different locations the servers are located at.

U.S. Servers:

  • Pinging speed: 133ms
  • Downloading speed: 34.71 Mbps
  • Uploading speed: 24.72 ms

Amsterdam Server:

  • Pinging speed: 38ms
  • Downloading speed: 82.67 Mbps
  • Uploading speed: 43.19 ms

HongKong Server:

  • Pinging speed: 341 ms
  • Downloading speed: 7.61 Mbps
  • Uploading speed: 5.88 Mbps

London server:

  • Pinging speed: 56 ms
  • Downloading speed: 80.25 Mbps
  • Uploading speed: 42.09 ms

These were the speed measures of IPVanish VPN in different regions, although the speed is directly affected by the location of servers.

Decent User Interface

It has a very decent looking user interface, even the installation of the application is also very simple and doesn’t require any additional steps.

User interface should be easy, as we are not targeting any specific group of users. There are mixed types of users, those who know how to use the application, and even those who don’t know anything except for simple operations.

IPVanish is very easy to use the application, and any user can easily play around! The only problem I discovered while going through the application was a lack of instruction on setting up and using the SOCKS5.

Zero Traffic Logs

Mostly VPNs companies, claim in their description that no-logging policy but deep inside they are saving all of your information and online activities in a separate database.

If this is the case, then it’s not an appreciable thought at all! Customer satisfaction should be the priority of any company.

Mostly, we agree to the privacy policy without even reading it thoroughly, and due to this they get access to all your activities and even your personal information is being saved in their separate database.

And amazingly, you cannot even claim as you agreed to that. IPVanish understands these security concerns, and they are one of those VPNs not keeping a database maintained of all the online activities of users.

AES-256 support

Encryption is another important feature in the structure of any VPN. Keeping encryption the highest priority is also very important. 

As we all know, VPN keeps you safe from intruders and hackers who are just waiting for a loophole to start attacking.

AES-256 support is very important, as it keeps your data encrypted and it can only be decrypted by those who are meant to use that.

Otherwise, no one has the authority to decrypt that encrypted data. IPVanish is also providing the same encryption facility to its users, every VPN is giving. 

As per recent reports, a brute force attack is increasing very quickly and to keep ourselves safe from its high protocol based encryption is required.

In the year 2016 December, a dramatic increase was observed in the brute force attack and in regard to this attack, the need for encryption was made mandatory for every VPN service provider company.


Torrenting is another important feature, a VPN should have and IPVanish is not just allowing torrenting but also providing such services to their users since day 1.

When it comes to torrenting, then IPVanish gives a lot of privilege to its users and allows torrenting with 100% privacy.

This feature works as a bonus point for IPVanish, as only some of the VPNs are providing such services with 100% privacy.

Some anti-privacy advocates may get against this such privilege, but the thing that matters for any VPN is the satisfaction of their users and IPVanish is doing well in grabbing that.

Unblocking sites

Netflix is a very famous site, and a lot of users love it due to its superb video quality and premium package rendered.

Netflix is the priority of every VPN when it comes to unblocking any website. A lot of VPNs claims in their description that they are providing access to such sites but failed to do so.

IPVanish comes in those VPNs, who are unblocking geo-restricted sites very easily. The Chicago server worked superbly and Netflix works like a flow. But the other two were not good enough!!

The only issues with the servers were, it was lagging a bit while connecting.

Maximum connection to users

As I have discussed in my previous articles, like ExpressVPN, Nord VPN, and CyberGhost can connect up to devices simultaneously at a time.

But when it comes to IPVanish, then it can connect 10 devices at a time! Isn’t it amazing??

This is one of the best and amazing features of IPVanish, as it can connect 10 devices at a time providing the same level of services and features as provided to the first one.

It’s good enough for big families, like you, your wife/husband, your kids, and even any guest can browse easily and safely.

No Malware Found

Do you know about malware ?? Malware is a type of software, developed to hack or damage your computer or disrupt your online activities.

As per test, IPVanish win with flying colors, as it fights back really well against all the malware and virus attacks!!!

TOR Compatible

Do you know what TORi is? The Orion Network is a type of encryption network that helps you in encrypting your data and also making it difficult for anyone to access your real-time location.

For some high-level security, TOR is the best choice as it creates a second layer of security making security and privacy attribute stronger.

So, for those who want to safeguard from surveillance and censorship laws, then TOR is the best choice and amazingly IPVanish offers TOR services as well.

Pricing Package

Another important feature of any VPN is its pricing packages, like the more reasonable pricing packages any VPN has, the more they are generating traffic and their customer count is increasing.

IPVanish also has different pricing packages, with different privileges making the selection of package easy for customers.

As now we are almost done with all the important features let’s discuss some Pros and Cons of IPVanish.


Here are all the Pros of IPVanish;

  • Fast downloading speed.
  • No logging policy.
  • Customer care available.
  • Torrenting services are allowed.
  • Not all but few servers work well with Netflix.
  • Easy and attractive user interface.
  • Very strong encryption protocols used.
  • A big infrastructure of servers located in different regions.


  • It a totally U.S. based company, so it’s servers are more attractive here.
  • It’s very costly.
  • No live chat service provided.
  • Netflix is not supported in different countries.


IPVanish is a good choice for users who are seeking for security mainly and want to connect VPN in many devices.

IPVanish has a lot of good features, and in fact, users are liking it features a lot but they should pay some attention towards their pricing strategy as it’s a bit higher as compared to normal packages.

Review on IPVanish
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