VPN for Windows

VPN For Windows

VPN for Windows

Vpn is very important for secure access and its important for both windows and mac users. It’s 2019 but still, people prefer  Windows more as compare to MAC.

The reason is relatively simple,

  1. The system is so simple and has all the functionality required.
  2. With all service packs.
  3. It is a lightweight operating system.
  4. People love the user interface of windows more as compare to mac.

Now, I am going to tell one of the best VPN for Windows, for secure access and hiding your actual I.P. address. 

With the passage of time, the need for VPN is increasing eventually and every respective company is trying to make more and more loyal customers.

In the rush of a lot of companies, very few are the ones providing the real functionality of what exactly a VPN has, giving value to its customers, working on their feedbacks to maintain their services and bugs.

But before choosing the VPN for your Windows PC, first read the article and do the comparison for a better decision.

Short Summary Points on VPN for Windows

1. VPN is Important for MAC users as well as Windows users.
2. The main purpose to use a VPN is to have a secure surf over the internet.
3. VPN creates a dummy IP Address for every user and hides the actual IP address.
4. Most of the VPNs have a trial version of 7 days or more at first.
5. They have over 1000 Servers worldwide in different countries.
6. VPN protects the users from intruders and hackers.
7. It helps you access the blocked websites in your country.
8. The free version of these VPNs has limited features but Privacy is guaranteed.
9. RUSVPN, ExpressVPN, NordVPN, GhostShield, HotspotShield, VyprVPN, and PirateVPN are some VPNs for Windows

The VPNs I’m going to discuss further is,



RusVPN is the first one in the list and may end up all the issues regarding VPN.

It’s available for all operating systems and even Linux/Cisco PPTP. Another amazing part is, you don’t have to enter your personal information in order to use this VPN on your Windows.

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Let’s discuss some points, why it’s considered to be the best one for Windows.

  • In a list of VPNs, RusVpn is one of the simplest and easiest one to use and has no complex downloading steps. Almost all of the configurations are automated.
  • RusVpn software has a high level of security. The developer of the software during the testing stages doesn’t observe any malware or virus attack. This means the wall to protect it from the virus is very strong.
  • If you want to test it, before using it fully there is a trial version available forb
  • There are a number of servers available for the support of this software. The users who are using RusVpn can easily choose the server and respective I.P. addresses.
  • It allows you to save money, using paid services free.
  • This Vpn also solves a big issue of time management. Mostly Vpn loses connections during evening hours, but this issue is eliminated in RusVpn.

Above are the main features of RusVpn and it also explains why it is liked mostly by the users.


Express Vpn is the second one on the list and is used on both personal computers/mobile phones. It is also a reliable option and is available for free as well.

Express VPN

It is good as it got simplicity, security and secure access. It has a very attractive and easy to use user interface.

For the ease of users, developers have multiple tutorials on how to download and use it. It also gives privilege to a user in selecting the security protocols, OpenVPN, TCP, L2TP, PPTP, or SSTP.

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There are some issues, regarding speeds and servers but there is a team fixing it but still, they couldn’t solve the problem of speed.


As in the evening, it is considered to be high rush hours and the software fails to provide speed to users in this time period. That’s one of the big advantages of ExpressVpn.

However still, if you need secure access and you are ready to pay the amount then ExpressVpn is the one for you. ExpressVpn will do a great job of serving you.


Another reason why users don’t prefer ExpressVpn is pricing. All of its servers are paid and the amount to be paid is actually really high.


NordVpn is the third one on the list and is available for free. It allows the users to test the basic functionalities of the software in seven days. I think seven days are enough to test the software before you pay it for full control.


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Let’s discuss some advantages and disadvantages of NordVPN software,


  • They have a lot of servers in almost 60 countries, to provide good services to their users. As they have invested a large amount of money to build up a strong infrastructure.
  • It also delivers a good security service with a double connection of VPN. 


  • There is no indication of the server’s current city location, it only tells about the country.
  • The speed is relatively low and insufficient for streaming purposes.
  • The extension for chrome is not an actual VPN extension, it’s just a proxy provider.

All together, NordVpn is a good one and works well with the slow processor but it doesn’t go with fast and heavy operating systems.

Ghost Shield:

Ghost shield is available for free and it’s developed mainly for European users and has a big tunnel choice in the region.

It is flexible with various connections and is compatible with different operating systems. Although it’s free for windows, if you want to use it in MAC, you have to get a paid version.

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One of the disadvantages of Ghost Vpn is, it has glitches for a server located in Asia and South Africa.

Hotspot Shield:

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is another one in the list of VPNs for Windows. It’s pricing strategy and quality ratio are relatively good as compare to others.

Even the company provides 30 days chargeback period, which means a 100% money-back guarantee if the users are not satisfied with the services.

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Let’s talk about some advantages and disadvantages of Hotspot Shield:


  • It has multiple adds in between although it’s a free version.
  • Speed issues are relatively less as compared to other VPNs.


  • Online support services don’t work well.
  • It doesn’t support torrents and never allows its users to download torrents

It’s a good one for beginners who are new using VPNs but for professional and official use it’s not a good choice.


VyprVPN is another one in the list and is presented by a golden frog. It’s a Switzerland based company and is working really hard to provide quality with speed to it’s intended users.

They are providing good speed along with good security access. It’s used widely in China and people of china love it due to its features and speed.

Click here to Get VyprVPN

It provides a great firewall for all your social sites as well. Some of its advantages and disadvantages are,


  • Loved by people of China
  • Fast speed
  • Compatible with many streaming services
  • Keep no records of logs


  • Doesn’t supports torrenting
  • It’s a little bit expensive

PrivateInternet Vpn:

PrivateInternet Vpn is the last one in the list and the only one that supports streaming.

It’s a Sweden based Vpn and is a newcomer in the market of Vpn but still doing a lot as a newcomer.

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Although it has a small network of the server still it’s growing really fast and providing good quality at high speeds. It can unblock almost every site.

Those sites which it can unblock are,

  1. Netflix
  2. Amazon
  3. BBC Iplayer
  4. Prime Video and much more

Even it doesn’t keep records of user logs and provides secure access. It has a built-in kill switch and leak protection.

Let’s talk about some advantages and disadvantages of Privateinternet VPN:

  • Allows streaming
  • Fast speed
  • Good security
  • No live chat supported (24 hours)
  • A smaller network of servers


I have listed almost 7 best VPNs for Windows developed by one of the best and experienced companies.

Every listed VPN companies try their best to provide best services to their customers’ needs and charges less. They are even working on things they are lacking it to make the user experience a better one.

Those who can afford the paid version is a good choice for them, but if you cannot then the free ones are also listed with their complete pros and cons.


Disclaimer: In the name of full transparency, please be aware that this blog post contains affiliate links and any purchases made through such links will result in a small commission for me (at no extra cost for you)

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