uses of VPN

Uses Of VPN

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is used extensively in many countries, and it’s towns. Majorly in those, where access to almost every daily basis sites and application is blocked.

Uses of VPN

Although we are in the 21st century, still there are a lot of countries facing blockage issues of different sites and to use them, they need some other way around.

Short Summary Points on ‘Use of VPN

1. Importance of VPN Server Locations
2. VPNs are used in Netflix.
3. Creates a dummy I.P Address.
4. Has zero-logging policy.
5. It makes your privacy secure.
6. Removes restriction over sites.
7. It makes your location untrackable.

What is a VPN?

VPN is a type of shield, that protects your personal information to be shared excessively to anyone, without their acknowledgment.

It allows users to easily share data, without being worried about their location and I.P. Address to be tracked.

What is VPN?

It also allows users, to easily unblock geo-restricted sites, and easily use that application and website without any problem.

There are different VPNs available in the region, and are used by users as per their server location, as 

the more near the location of the server is, the more fastest access would be granted ’.

Why the location of VPN servers is important?

VPN providers have their servers located at different cities within a country, to make maximum coverage to that particular country and speed attribute is also increased.

Speed is an important factor, and it depends on the location of your server. The more near you are to the server, the more good speed you will experience.

In fact, as per research, it has been observed that people face speed issues, due to distanced placement of servers in that country.

Let’s see some of the important features of a VPN:

  1. Speed
  2. Accessing geo-restricted sites
  3. Tunneling facility
  4. Dummy I.P. Address
  5. Hiding Location
  6. Privacy and Security
  7. Different Protocols

There are a lot of VPN providers, and all of them are targeting some important traits of VPN, to make their product distinct from others.

Which VPN is used for NETFLIX?

Netflix is a leading and best online video provider and has a very large number of loyal customers.

Sadly, Netflix is blocked in many countries and their residencies are not able to use it and enjoy the subscriptions.

Which VPN is used for NETFLIX?

Due to this reason, they need a VPN. China and a lot of countries are lacking the broadcasting of Netflix in their region, which is actually very disturbing.

ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and CyberGhost are one of the best and widely used VPN in China for unblocking geo-restricted sites along with Netflix.

Following are the list of VPN providers, that are loved by their users to their good state services and chances provided to users.

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. NordVPN
  3. TunnelBear VPN
  4. StrongVPN
  5. CyberGhost VPN

These are some of the best VPN services providers, and due to their services, they are rated the best by users.

Let’s talk about some uses of VPN in detail:

Dummy I.P. Address:

I.P. Address is the most prominent way to trace the location of your expected P.C and laptop. When a violation occurs, the first thing which authorities move for is the I.P. address, as it’s the fastest way to trace anyone’s spot.

When we are browsing on the internet, or doing something confidential we need secure access to keep our browsed activities private and secure from hackers to hack.

Your I.P. address kept on changing dynamically, and your actual I.P. address will be overshadowed by all the dummy I.P. addresses provided by VPN.

What is Zero Logging Policy?

‘Zero-logging Policy’ is always mentioned in every VPN description, but let me explain it to you why this feature is so important.

Zero Logging VPN

When you are surfing on the internet, using any VPN all your activities are under their supervision and if they want they can maintain a repository of it.

But, wait no! Most of the VPN providers claim Zero Logging Policies and they are not maintaining any of your online activities.

They will just keep a record of your email, and your name along with card details, if provided. Apart from it, they won’t care what you are searching for or doing.

Unblocks Geo-restricted Sites:

A lot of famous and widely used sites are blocked, and due to some restrictions, and people are unable to use it.

Netflix, BBC Iplayer, Twitter, Instagram, and even Youtube are blocked in many regions and people are always searching for alternatives to use it.

VPN is there is a rescue and unblock all geo-restricted websites, but keep in mind some VPNs providers are unblocking Netflix and some are unblocking other site but not Netflix.

Hides your Location:

Hide your location

Along with dummy I.P. addresses, the other feature provided by VPN is hiding your location and people are using it because they want to keep their location private and free themselves from a lot of hassle.

It works as a shield between you and the hackers, who are always there to hack your connection and get all of your private accessed data easily.

Unlimited Streaming:

Another reason, people use VPN is unlimited streaming without any fear of privacy leakage.

Streaming of videos can be done, easily using VPN along with secure access and without keeping a record of your searched data.

Download and Upload of Files:

When you are uploading files on any local server, what you care about is your identity and your personal data as before logging in, you sign up adding up all your credentials.

So, using VPN you can use P2P protocol, which saves you from this hacking and provides your dummy I.P. address along with internet traffic encryption to keep you safe and secure from privacy theft.

Easily use Public Wifi:

Mostly, we connect to public Wifi without worrying about the experience that, just by a single connection all our phones or laptop’s data can be easily hacked by the person sitting behind the mirror.

Phones and Laptops data can be saved from such traps easily if they are having a good VPN service provider application installed.

People use VPN to easily access public Wifi, without any fear of losing their private data and unintentionally providing access to their phone’s private data to the intruders.

 For Keeping Conversation Secure And Safe:

When you are chatting using any third party medium, there are 99% chances that any intruder can come in between and can view all your chat even, they can send any message without your acknowledgment.

There is always a chance of any third person, to get into your conversation and listen to your whole conversation secretly.

Although, there are VoIP services, available to keep the chat secure and free from such hacks still no one can give you a guarantee of your chat to be 100% secure.

So, the other way around is having VoIP service indulged with VPN, it will not just help you in unblocking geo-restricted application but will also provide you high means of encryption to make your chat private and secure from such snoopers.


VPN altogether is an umbrella of services, helping its users to encounter every hacking and security issues.

All the VPN providers are trying their best to target all the core features in their application, to hit the actual need of the users and to make more market.

Rich features are like those attributes without which the VPN cannot stand alone.  All the discussed features, are the main reason and uses of VPN.

After reading this article, every reader should have a pretty much clear idea about what VPN is and what are it’s core uses.


Is VPN application safe enough to use?

Yes, the VPN application is safe enough to use as it provides you with a shield from hackers, who are sitting just to hack your personal data and online browsed activities. VPN are more useful in official means, as there are more confidential data to be kept safe and secure.

How to use a VPN in android?

There is no such difference in using VPN in both android and ios. In both operating systems, you need to first download the application, get yourself registered by adding some basic information and then you can easily enjoy the services of a VPN.

Does VPN maintain a record of your activity?

Although VPN has access to all of your online activities and can view your browsed data but still if you find written ‘ Zero Logging Policy ‘ in the feature description of the VPN, then you can surf easily without any fear as Zero Log means they are not maintaining any repository of your online activities.

Uses of VPN in many Countries and its town
Uses of VPN
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