Countries with the highest use of VPN

Countries with the highest use of VPN

Countries with the Highest use of VPN

VPN is now used extensively in almost all nation, because of the number of hacking acts increasing every other day. Every individual wants to keep its private information safe and access maximum numbers of sites without having any privacy issue.

Hacking is not just linked with your private information being leaked, but also monitoring your online activities and this can be done easily by knowing your I.P. addresses and physical location.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) has been one of the essential needs of users these days, no matter they are seeking it for private use or official purposes.

It provides you secure access, with a guarantee that nothing can bother your privacy and private data without your acknowledgment. Under the umbrella of the VPN, it is providing security, privacy, unblocking censored sites and most important keeping your I.P. address safe.

Summary on Countries with the highest use of VPN

1. VPN help with unblocking the websites in different countries.
2. In China, the blocked websites are Facebook, Google, Netflix, Instagram.
3. Belarus, China, Turkey, Iran, Oman, and Russia have blocked the use of VPN.
4. In Indonesia, messages services and Netflix are banned, which is why  VPN is used here the most.
5. Thailand has privacy issues at its best which makes it the second country that used VPN 6. the most.
7. Saudi Arabia has some of the most popular social websites and apps blocked, that’s why it is third on the list.
8. VPN is mostly used in those countries where some websites or applications are blocked.

Countries and usage of VPN

It has been observed, that VPN is used widely in those countries where the access to site/application is blocked, and users are afraid of their private data to be leaked.

Many countries, majorly China has blocked access to almost every daily use site and even the use of VPNs in their residents. People are using VPN to bypass the censorship and get more secure access to all the famous sites like,

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Netflix
  • Instagram

This article will revolve around the countries with the highest use of VPN and the reason why they are utilizing it that much, maybe for their own personal reason or official means.

Belarus, China, Turkey, Iran, Oman, and Russia are one of the countries that have blocked the usage of VPN in their countries with proper paperwork and orders of higher authorities.

Now let’s just stick to our core topic, and discuss the names of counties with the highest use of VPN along with numeric illustrations.

Countries and usage of VPN:

Point Scored

This is the graphical representation of VPN usage in different countries around the globe. As we can see from the graph, it clearly shows that Indonesia is topping the list with the highest use of VPN and Thailand stands second in the list.

China is also leading the list with 29% usage, and U.A.E is also not behind. This bar chart is extensively showing, that people are more towards VPN usage and are facing blockage or hacking issues accordingly.

Why Indonesia is topping the list?

Indonesia is a well-civilized nation, and due to its censorship law the natives of Indonesia are incapable to get access to every site and due to this deduction, the use of VPN is found to be highest over there.

Indonesia is having restrictions and hacking issues more than China and even those sites are blocked that are very general or inoffensive to be blocked geographically.

Services and Site Restrictions:

Let’s discuss some sites and services that are completely restricted in Indonesia:

  • Messages services are banned
  • There are high penalties for visiting banned websites
  • Access to Netflix is also blocked
Services and Site Restrictions:

This is the point, where users switch to some good VPN (Virtual Private Network), that will provide them a dummy I.P. address that will over-ride their actual I.P. address and will also hide their physical location

With all these services, they will provide you safe and secure access to every normal site and you can easily visit your favorite site without facing any restriction issues.

Do you know what are the best VPNs used in Indonesia?

The Best VPN for Indonesia


NordVPN is one of the best VPN in town, due to its speed and privacy attribute. It has been awarded as the number one VPN of 2019 recently.


It has a big infrastructure of servers all over the world, and there are majorly five servers of NordVPN located in Indonesia to overcome the speed issue by providing fast access over the internet. 

With high speed, it is also providing protocols to strengthen the security attribute and also unblocking geo-restricted sites which is a very common issue in Indonesia.


ExpressVPN stands second in the list of VPN. It is best for Windows and Andriod both. It is known best for speed and security both under one platform.

Express VPN

With the best packages available, it is embraced all over the world due to ultra-fast speed and high-security safety techniques. It also unblocks popular sites like Netflix and Facebook in just one click.


CyberGhostVPN is considered to be the best with a user-friendly interface and best packages available.

Cyber Ghost

Its servers are a location in many cities of Indonesia, and this is a plus point for Indonesian as they can get minimum chances of speed issues if they are using it for unblocking sites.

It also has a no-logging policy, which means whatever you are doing on the internet it won’t maintain a repository of your online activities.

With the best packages available, users are registering more on CyberGhost to use their services and unblock as maximum sites as possible.


Thailand is having only a few points less than Indonesia in the usage of VPN and the reason is quite interesting.

Thailand is having privacy issues at its best and the restriction is so extreme over there that even the comments and likes are monitored by authorized people to avoid any irrelevant act

As per a report, a student from the law has to give some penalty just because he posted some content that was restricted by the Thai government. 

You can imagine how much restrictions are there in Thailand when your single comment is being monitored and regulated properly. 

As per a recent report, all of the famous sites are blocked in Thailand by the Thai government and even the links that show the tricks to unblock such sites.

In such worst conditions, Thailand residents are using VPN to access geo-restricted sites and avoid such monitoring acts as if their I.P. address is caught, your location will be tracked easily.

VPNs in Thailand:

Best VPN for Thailand

Let’s discuss some VPNs, that are used widely in Thailand to overcome the restrictions and privacy issues.


NordVPN always tops the list due to its best features and security services rendered. If any user is concerned with security and privacy both, then NordVPN is the best choice for them as it is unblocking geo-restricted sites along with secure access in the best packages available.


It has a big server infrastructure located in different countries, and approximately five to six servers are located in Thailand to avoid any speed issues.


SurfShark is a new VPN in town, but it trustworthy and reliable both.


Its main motive is to provide secure access to users and in Thailand, it is being used to unblock daily usage sites along with Netflix.


ExpressVPN is one the best in packages and when it comes to ultra-fast speed then, it is the best in the town.


It is ideal and best for streaming videos means, once you have unblocked Netflix you can easily watch videos without facing any speed issue and this is only possible as ExpressVPN have their servers located in different location of Thailand.

Saudi Arabia:

Saudi Arabia is known best for Islamic teachings, and high restrictions on irrelevant content are well expected.

Hacking of phones, monitoring online activities and access to famous or daily use sites is a very common act in Saudi Arabia.

WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Youtube all these famous sites are blocked in Saudi Arabia and every time their authorized people are monitoring your activities.

Even if you will say anything irrelevant or against Saudi Arabia rules and regulations then you will get confined to a jail or some penalties.

So, if you are living in Saudi Arabia then you should always use a VPN, to ensure your privacy no matter how much uncomplicated your message seems to you, you never know when you will get charged with some penalties for breaking the Saudi rules.

VPNs used in Saudi Arabia:

Best VPNs for Saudi Arabia

Now let’s discuss some VPNs, that are discussed in Saudi Arabia:

Same as discussed for the previous two countries,  NordVPN is used when we talk about security and privacy in the most minimum costing packages. These days, they are also offering 70% on some of their services.


ExpressVPN for high-speed requirement, due to their big server location in different areas of Saudi Arabia.

Express VPN

They also claim no-logging policy and are using splendid protocols to keep the user data secure.


HMAVPN is a new one in the list and is one of the VPNs that are easily accessible in Saudi Arabia.


It has a very friendly user interface and will keep your identity completely anonymous with just one click on yours.


PrivateVPN provides complete protection and privacy to the user’s data along with online activities. It also unblocks geo-restricted sites which are very important in Saudi Arabia.

Private VPN

If you want to read in China, then you can go through this article.


In a nutshell, it can be concluded as VPN is basically solving a lot of hacking and privacy problems. As discussed above, all of the mentioned countries are utilizing VPN just because of the extreme restriction on them and the use of the Internet.

From Indonesia to U.K. privacy issues are highly conquered and people are chasing more towards VPN, in order to keep their privacy concerns save and secure.


What VPNs are best for the U.K.?

ExpressVPN, NordVPN, CyberGhostVPN, and SurfSharkVPN are one of the best and widely used VPN in the U.K. They unblock all the geo-restricted sites easily and also keep the privacy concerns of users save from intruders.

What is the best VPN for streaming?

For streaming videos, you need a secure and fast connection otherwise your video will keep on buffering. ExpressVPN is known best for streaming videos and this is possible only because they are having ultra-speed quality.

Best VPNs for streaming T.V?

The best VPN for streaming videos and watching T.V. online easily is ExpressVPN, after that NordVPN and CyberGhost VPN.

Disclaimer: In the name of full transparency, please be aware that this blog post contains affiliate links and any purchases made through such links will result in a small commission for me (at no extra cost for you)

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