Review On Nord VPN

Review on NordVPN

Nord VPN is one of the best ones in town, with the best security attributes and speed bandwidth. It allows it’s a user to browse fearlessly, without thinking that anyone can catch his/her online activity.

It also unblocks a lot of blocked websites and applications, that are blocked regionally. It is used widely for torrenting and accessing geo-blocked sites.

It has a very wide range of servers located in different locations and different packages of subscription which user selects on the basis of their needs. I will discuss them in detail onwards.

Here are some core functionalities of Nord VPN, but this is just an overview I will discuss them in detail as well.

Summary Points on Review NordVPN

1. It’s ranked 1st among 78 other VPNs.
2. Provides a high-level of security and ease for the users.
3. Unblocks the Geo-restricted websites and applications.
4. It has a 7 days free trial version for every user.
5. Makes a fake I.P Address to hide your real identity.
6. Encrypts your data via two subsequent VPN Servers.
7. It has a zero-logging policy for every user.
8. Nord’s Servers are located in different regions.
9. 24/7 live chat support.
10. Provides the best features at a cheap price.

Core Functionalities of Nord VPN:

  • Ranking: 1st amongst 78 VPNs
  • Usability: Ease of use
  • Logging Policy: No Logging policy Servers: 5000+
  • Location: 62 countries
  • Support: Live Chat 24/7
  • Torrenting: P2P & Torrenting Allowed
  • Sites: Unblocks Websites
  • Dummy I.P. Address: Yes, provided
  • Netflix Access: Allowed
  • Trial version: 30-days refund  
  • Supported Devices: MAC/ANDROID/WINDOWS
  • Double VPN: Yes, allowed
  • Kill Switch: Yes, this feature is also provided


As per research, Nord VPN was awarded as number one in the market of VPNs due to its superb features and services it is providing to its customers.

This VPN has actually worked a lot for being highly transparent and is very simple to install as well.


NordVPN is a game-changer and is providing a high level of ease of use to their users to make their experience more better.

If they introduce complex options and screens then users might not find your application user-friendly and they will move to some other application. 


NordVPN unblocks a lot of famous websites such as Netflix and other geo-restricted websites.

Mostly VPN doesn’t good features and not even bother to add the feature of unblocking geo-restricted websites but NordVpn values their users and their needs.

Netflix is a widely used website and people love it because of its HD video quality and wide range of best series available.

Trial Version:

Before using any new application and paying fully to use all its a feature, we always want to be sure that we are investing in the right thing.

Cause its a matter of money and it actually matters!

NordVpn although it offers a wide range of packages with different pricing ranges, what they do is they offer a trial version as well and 30 days money-back guarantee.

Like if you purchase any package and after using it you don’t find the services and features meeting your needs or any other reason you can claim your money back but, this scheme is only valid if you claim within 30 days of the purchase.

They also offer 7 days free trial, in this, you can see and use all the features and I think 7 days are enough for testing any new software or application to the fullest.

Now let’s discuss all its core features in detail and in categorial form.

Features and Extra Add-Ons:

Features and Extra Add-Ons

Nord VPN is relatively cheap and provides the best features in less money making it a game-changer.

It provides fake I.P. addresses to their users so that their real identity is saved and no one can track what they are doing online.

Its core features also include unblocked geo-blocked sites, allowing torrenting to users and access double VPN feature.

  • Unblock sites: Yes, you heard it right, Nord VPN can unblock those censored or regionally blocked sites for you, so that you can easily access them.
  • Kill switch: Amazingly, Nord VPN kills the connection automatically if it failed to connect to the server or it doesn’t unblock any website.
  • Smart Play: Smart Play allows you to access and view almost 400+ websites online.
  • DNS Leak Protection: When you set up your VPN connection manually, you are ready for DNS prone. It’s very important to secure it and this facility is provided by Nord VPN, as it secures your DNS server information to be leaked.
  • Double Data protection: Nord VPN provides double data protection, it encrypts your data via two subsequent VPN servers, before your requests hit the web page server. Another important fact about double data protection is, the second VPN is unaware of the first one’s I.P. address as connections are made through UDP or TCP protocols.
  • Zero logging policy: Nord VPN guarantees 0 logging policy, which means they are not going to maintain any repository of the online activities you’ll be performing. But they still monitor or tracks some data which includes, your email address, payment data, and service performance report.

Good VPN for Torrenting:

Nord VPN is widely famous for allowing its users easy torrenting and also unblocks geo-restricted site Netflix.

Good VPN for Torrenting

As you know not every VPN works well with Netflix and other famous sites. Many of them failed to unblock such sites and in this way, they lose their users.

Nord VPN focuses on this lack ness, by a lot of VPN applications and their team tried their best to provide users the pleasure of using Netflix.

Nord VPN P2P servers, whose main work is to allow torrenting in a more faster and better way is one of the best features of it.


Speed is the skull of any VPN and it is the metrics on which the performance of proficiency of any VPN is measured.

If any VPN doesn’t provide good speed then it won’t be considered in the list of best VPNs and even users won’t like it as well.

Nord VPN is also securing your connection and as per my own experience I used this VPN is different regions, like U.S, U.A.E and Asian servers,

Let’s see how much responsively it responds, to different servers;

Speed Check

US Servers:

  • Downloading speed: 56 Mbps
  • Ping request speed: 101 Ms
  • File/Data uploading speed: 29 Mbps

Europe Servers:

  • Downloading speed: 74 Mbps
  • Ping request speed: 37 ms
  • File/Data uploading speed: 48Mbps

Asian Servers:

  • Downloading speed: 12 Mbps
  • Ping request speed: 211ms
  • File/Data uploading speed: 5 Mbps

As you can see Europe servers are more responsive and provide good speed as compare to Asian servers.

No Data Retention Law:

As we look into the history of Nord VPN, it is observed that it was launched in Panama in 2008 and is operated by the best team.

Nord VPN highly values its customers and that’s why they never save the logging history of their users.

Officially, it’s an amazing fact that Nord VPN is located in Panama and this helps them a lot in avoiding data retention law.

Live chat and 24 hours support:

Nord VPN always gives prior importance to their customers and to make their experience a better one they always have a customer care representative to solve the problems.

Not every VPN provider, have 24 hours customer care support as what matters for them is to make money and fix some casual bugs.

But Nord VPN sees this side, with a totally different view. Every time, you file in any issues they accept that problem and solve it as fast as possible.


Nord VPN has a proper directory and quick bugs solving patches to avoid any delay in services. People really love it and they don’t face any delays in their services that, usually happen if any unexpected bug or error is encountered.



Nord VPN has different pricing packages for their users, and users can select the most appropriate package.

There are three packages, officially offered by Nord VPN. The first one is a basic package, the second one is standard and the third one is premium.

They also offer a free 7-days trial version, through which you can understand the main essence of the services they are providing and may decide whether to but the package or not.

Before we jump to a conclusion, let’s discuss some pros and cons of Nord VPN as well.


  1. High priority to the user’s security.
  2. Kill switch available easily and never compromises on privacy.
  3. No DNS leaks allowed.
  4. One more layer of VPN, double the protection layer and make the experience a better one,
  5. Connects more than 5 devices on a single platform.
  6. Never compromises on speed.
  7. A big infrastructure with 4,000 servers in 62 countries.
  8. Affordable pricing offers.
  9. Cryptocurrencies also know as bitcoins accepted as a money payment.
  10. Cash payment online is also accepted.
  11. Netflix support is also allowed and a lot of different sites.
  12. Torrenting is allowed.
  13. Advanced encryption is allowed.


  1. No fast speed observed by users in Malaysia.
  2. Torrenting is mostly supported on some servers, it doesn’t go smoothly with everyone,
  3. Slow application and server issues.
  4. OpenVPN connection is not easy to set mostly.
  5. Ease of use not provided that much.


Nord VPN is the game-changer in the market of VPN and is playing very well with good services and features.

 The performance of Nord VPN is steady and fast as compared to other VPNs and even it has the ability to unblock a lot of geo-restricted sites.

This is a review article about the services and features of Nord VPN in detail to make your decision wiser.

Disclaimer: In the name of full transparency, please be aware that this blog post contains affiliate links and any purchases made through such links will result in a small commission for me (at no extra cost for you)

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