The Most Suitable VPN for USA

The Most suitable VPN for the USA

The main purpose of using VPN throughout the world is to get an entry into the United States by using an IP address. As the United States is considered as one of the most important sources of providing diverse entertainment and the prime way to get access to those entertainments is taken place through online.

Majority of the residents of United States prefer to use VPN  either to unblock the stuff or to enhance improvement in privacy. The requirement of VPN for the USA is somewhat different from other nations.Most importantly, a VPN enciphers all the internet traffic of all devices and transport it via a mediatory server for the location selected by a user. Intelligence agencies like FBI and NSA are keeping a special eye on Americans. Almost everyone in America uses Apple and Google, therefore these companies are getting advantage and monitoring and collecting all of their personal information.

Majority of Americans falls as a direct prey of these companies and unknowingly providing direct access to their personal data. Trolls for copyright are specifically more violent towards torrents in the United States.

Short Summary points on most suitable VPN for the USA

1. The majority of people in the US prefer to use VPN
2. VPN helps unblock most of the websites in the US.
3. In the US, VPN is also used to improve privacy.
4. VPN encrypts all the data and helps people stay secure
5. The need of VPN for the US is different from other nations.
6. FBI keeps an eye on the citizens of the US, They monitor their activities which is one of the reason why most of the Americans use VPN.
7. VPNs have zero-logging policy which is great for the users.
8. Intruders and hackers cannot interact or monitor a VPN user’s activity.
ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, AirVPN, NordVPN, SaferVPN, are some of the best VPNs that are mostly used in the United States.

Most Secure VPNs for the United States

It is necessary for Americans to use those VPNs which are more protected and give minimum access to the foreign content. Here, in this article, we are mentioning some of the best VPNs USA can use which fulfills all the essential requirements needed for security and comprises the below-mentioned criteria.

  • VPNs provider is not originated from the United States.
  • Server provider does not store any traffic log.
  • VPNs provide high -quality encryption,129 -bit AES or more is provided by default.
  • In order to protect anonymity, VPNs provider offers shared IP addresses.
  • Offers bonus point for the inconspicuous mode of payment, for instance,  Bitcoins.

Following are some of the best VPN for America.  

Express VPN


In this VPN, Open VPN protocol having AES 257-bit encryption is used by default. Express VPN does not display any traffic log which shows the user content records and some of the metadata. The company operates from the British Virgin Islands and is not under the jurisdiction of the United States. The best thing about Express VPN is its synchronization with all servers at the same time. A shared IP address is used among all users. The mode of payment is either in Bitcoin or through credit card and PayPal. Apps like Windows, Android, Linux, and different routers are used for this purpose.

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Best VPN for the USA

Undoubtedly, Express VPN is considered the best VPN  USA can use, due to its reliability and fast speed. It also helps in unblocking all the prime streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and many more. A user can definitely use it without any tension as it also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Cyber Ghost


Another best VPN IS Cyber Ghost which origins from Romania and offer a variety of security and privacy options. It does not keep any login activity or metadata of the user. Cyber Ghost ‘s OpenVPN connections are protected with 257 -bit AES encryption. The most amazing feature is its kill switch option along with its DNS leak security, which assures the smooth flow of traffic without any leakage. Adblocker,anti-malware protection, and anti-tracking are some of the additional features. It permits you to select a server based on your planning and location either you want to do streaming or torrenting or doing net surfing. Different Apps that are available for Cyber Ghost are IOS, Windows, Android, and MacOS.

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Best VPN for Beginners

CyberGhost is the best choice for beginners as it comes under their affordability range with great security options for privacy. It helps you to unblock Netflix but may strive with some other streaming sites. It offers a money-back guarantee of 45 days and also regarded as the best VPN for the USA.



NordVPN is a native of Panama known for its great security measures. The security measures include a double-hop server that transports the traffic via two VPNs along with a Tor over VPN option which transmits the traffic through the Tor network after leaving the main VPN provider. Almost all the IPs available are shared but still, some of the dedicated servers are accessible if required. The encrypted standard for the Open VPN protocol is approximately 256-bit. The payment mode of NordVPN is through Bitcoin. NordVPN strictly forbids to keep the logs of users or metadata connectivity. A user can use six connections simultaneously on just only on one subscription.

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Different Apps that are available for NordVPN are Windows.macOS, IOS, and Android.

Best VPN within Budget constraints

NordVPN provides great security and privacy feature and permits the user to use to access six devices simultaneously on a single subscription. It offers great services with all the popular streaming sites. It offers 30-days money-back guarantee.



SaferVPN is an Israel -based VPN which grants great security which a user wants to acquire in any VPN. It provides access to its users in more than 30 countries. Although, it is not a great choice when comparing it with its competitors in terms of speed SaferVPN is regarded more than average over its competitors. It constraints to keep any record of its users or contents. It is the best VPN for the US as it offers the unblocking option for the most popular streaming sites. The standardized encryption code is around 256-bit AES.

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The famous Apps available for SaferVPN are Windows, IOS, Android and MacOS.

Interface with Simplicity

The famous credibility of Safer VPN is its great reliability and HD speed. A user can get access to popular streaming sites. Although it lacks some of the most popular features still, regarded as best VPN USA residents can use. It offers a 30-days money-back guarantee.



Buffered is a Hungary-based VPN which does not retain user’s traffic logs, but keep the record of the IP address of users, time connectivity and duration of the connection. It is devoid of kill switch but offers a well-protected DNS leaking system. The standardized codes for its encryption are 256-bits. It does not offer a voice-friendly desktop app but there is an option for the mobile users to use it through a third-party app until the launching of Android and IOS versions. IP addresses of all servers are connected and shared. The drawback of Buffered is its unacceptability of payment through Bitcoins.

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Apps which are available for Buffered are Windows and MacOS.

Easy to use

Buffered provides good quality speed. A third-party app is required for the mobile user, equipped with the best interface. It offers a 30-days money-back guarantee.

Hide. Me

The origin of Hide.Me is Malaysia which does not keep any record of its users. It is considered the fastest VPN with high power accuracy. A diverse variety of protocol is available for the users, but OpenVPN or IKEv2 are more suitable for great security and protection. Hide. I provide encryption of about 256-bit AES which is sufficient enough to provide airtight security. Although, it is not capable of unblocking the popular streaming sites like Netflix, still considered the best VPN. P2P filesharing features are also labeled for certain servers.

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Apps available for Hide,Me are Windows, MacOS, Android and Windows.

Fast and Reliable

It is regarded as a P2P favorite VPN. The downloading feature is much powerful compared to streaming feature and much focus is allocated on privacy. It can accomplish more speed but its price is nearer to its competitor. It offers a 14-days money-back guarantee. Undoubtedly, it is also regarded as the best VPN USA can use.



AirVPN has no match in terms of compatibility and security. The only supported protocol is OpenVPN, which is encapsulated with SSL and SSH features as additional privacy. AirVPN is equipped with DNS leak protection. A kill switch with DNS routing and a forwarding port can all be adjusted in the setting menu. It does not record any log activity of its users. The origin of this company is Italy based. This app basically targets the advanced users but a novice definitely will not get any difficulty in understanding its features. Bitcoin is the acceptable payment mode of AirVPN.

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Available app for AirVPN is Windows, Android, Linux, and MacOS.

Airtight Security

AirVPN provides airtight security. The company which operates its functionality is privacy and security conscious and works to give ease and comfort to its users. It can work well enough with Tor but a user should be prepared for manual twisting parameters to get access for its proper functioning.

These are some best VPN USA can use without any threat of hacking their personal pieces of information. There are also some other VPNs that are fulfilling all the necessary criteria for providing a secure network such as IP Vanish, Liquid VPN, and StrongVPN.

It is illegal in the US to download and distribute copyrighted stuff and a customer can face the penalty for it. Sometimes copyright owners perform copyright trolls which store IP addresses of tormentors and then send them settlement letters to them. Nevertheless, an IP address does not contain an identity in the US so it  is advised not to respond to these letters

Disclaimer: In the name of full transparency, please be aware that this blog post contains affiliate links and any purchases made through such links will result in a small commission for me (at no extra cost for you)

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