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Free VPN for iPhone

VPN (a virtual private network) is well known for its splendid functionality like generating virtual I.P address, hiding your actual identity and no doubt this is very important in today’s world.

People these days are so much concerned about their security and want to maintain privacy, to achieve this they download different applications on their phones.

When we talk about iPhones, they are highly expensive and they have their own Apple store, unlike Google Play it doesn’t support every random application.

Short Summary Points on  Free VPN for iPhone

1. There are a lot of VPN apps for iPhone but most of them are not free.
2. All apps provide limited bandwidth for free.
3. Some of the VPN apps like Betternet or HotspotShield, ask for signup and then provide you free VPN but the location is set-to US by default and cannot be changed until you buy the paid version.
4. iPhone have their own Applestore and they don’t support random applications like google play.
5. VPN on iPhone guarantees Privacy and unblocking of the blocked sites.
6. Free applications on the iPhone have limited features with limited locations but  Privacy is Promised by every free VPN on iPhone.
7. VPNs for iPhone provide Absolute anonymity to every user.
8. TunnelBear, SurfEasy, HotspotShield, Betternet, Windscribe, These are some VPNs that are free with limited features, locations and are unlocked with a payment plan

Why we need a VPN for iPhone?

  1. Malware, Ransomware and worms attacks.
  2. Mass surveillance
  3. Absolute anonymity
  4. Bank-level encryption
  5. Access to block sites.
  6. It connects you to a virtual private network that often conceals your real identity.
  7. VPN will almost result in getting a different IP address.
  8. A VPN will also conceal that data you will share over public WIFI.

There a lot of VPN applications for iPhone but most of them are not free and as per research people don’t like to pay for an application unless they are using it for official purposes.

So, now I’m discussing the best VPN for iPhone in detail with their compatibilities and key features along with that I will try my best to share some back history as well.

  1. TunnelBear
  2. VPN by SurfEasy
  3. Hotspot Shield
  4. Betternet
  5. VPN in Touch
  6. VPNProxy by Seed4.Me
  7. VPNMaster Free
  8. OperaVPN
  9. KeepSolid VPN unlimited
  10. Free VPN HexaTech
  11. Windscribe


TunnelBear is a well-known VPN application on the Apple store. This iPhone based application will allow you to connect VPN and then you can easily do all the searching without sharing your own personal identity.

In the free plan, it offers 500MB of data per month, and you know what? If you’ll tweet about TunnelBear you will get a free additional 1 GB of data

Click here to Get TunnelBearVPN

Countries supported by TunnelBear iPhone application includes, 

  • US
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland

Vpn by surf easy:

The second one that falls in this category is VPN by surf easy it is the highest-rated application on Apple store by users due to its functionality.

For the ease of iPhone user, it selects the location itself but if they want to change it they can do it as well. It offers a number of countries in which you can choose VPN form easily and wisely

This application limits the data by 250 MB, but still, you can get more data by completing some rewards that are available on the applications.

These rewards can be awarded on the basis of the following things,

  • Confirming your email
  • Rating the application

Sharing it with your friends and asking them to download it

So, can you see? All these tasks don’t require so much time you can do it easily and can get those additional data.

Even you can also update your free plan anytime, by just pressing the ‘Upgrade’ button in the tab.

 Hotspot Shield:

The hotspot is another name in the list of VPN for iPhones and has high ratings from the users. It’s working is simple, it asks you to sign in first just after you download the application.

But if someone wants to log in without signing up then he/she can do that as well. By default on logging in this application connects you to US-based location but later on, you can change it if you are on a paid version, the free version doesn’t allow you to change that.

Click here to Get HotspotShield

If you really want to change the location, you have to then purchase any package or subscribe Hotspot Shield elite version to get started with full access to the application


Betternet is another VPN oriented application for iPhone users, with high usability without complex designing. You can easily download this applicaiPhonetion and use it for free but remember in the free version you have just 8 to 9 cities in the US for more you have to switch to the paid version.

Premium membership will give you more features and facilities, along with quality support with any problem you might face.

Click here to Get BetternetVPN

So in short, the Better net is a simple one with a high usability VPN application on the Apple store

VPN in Touch:

VPNintouch is another VPN oriented iPhone application that you should try. When something has plus points it has some flaws as well and the major flaw of this application is you cannot use it without registering yourself.

Once you are done with the registration process, then further steps are easy and you can use the application easily.

Click here to Get VPNintouch

This application in the initial days will work with a 6-days free package but after that, you have to purchase to keep using the application…

VPN Proxy by SEED4.ME:

Here comes another VPN iPhone application (Seed4me) that helps you in accessing blocked sites and protect your privacy as well.

This application is very to the point as it starts with asking you for the dedicated location you want VPN from, the second thing it will ask you is to get a VPN profile in order to use the application.

After this, the application works perfectly fine. But remember the installation of the VPN profile would be done on some website that you’ll have to open through SAFARI, as always agree to some terms and conditions.

Click here to Get Seed4meVPN

Once you are done with all these steps, then you can easily use the application freely and start browsing through the internet.

VPN MasterFree:

Another VPN based application for iPhone in the list is VPN Master. This application has a very nice interface and it actually works really fast as compared to other VPN applications.

The best part of this application is by default it connects to the location that seems to give high speeds and stability. But later on, you can change the location provided by the application itself.

But remember, there are basically only 7 locations available in the free version of this application if you want more you have to get in-app purchase.

Click here to Get VPNMaster

For that, you have to unlock VIP to get access to a lot of locations and this VIP service can be availed at a rate of $2.99 per month.


Opera is a well-known browser in today’s world. In fact, we don’t need to tell it’s back history as almost everyone has used it once in their life.

Opera is also providing VPN service to iPhone users and the intended users are loving it. The Opera VPN is free for use although it doesn’t provide a lot of locations like other VPNs.

By default, like most of the  VPN applications, it connects you to the most nearby location with high speed and stability, later on, you can switch your location as per your feasibility.

Its working is simple, you have to download the application and then you can start browsing safely what so ever you want to search.

There are only 5 countries available in the free version. Opera VPN offers 2 features, one is Stats and Settings you will get to know about these features in detail when you’ll use this VPN application.

Click here to Get OperaVPN

 In settings, you can enable or disable the VPN easily and in stats, it shows the rating of how many trackers Opera VPN blocked for you.


KeepSolid is another application for iPhone users, providing safe and secure access to different sites along with that provides privacy elements as well.

You have to create a new KEEP SOLID account or you can log in with an existing account otherwise you can not connect to the Keep Solid server.

Once you are done with this, you can start using the Keep Solid VPN application. And if you want to get some more features you have to purchase any package means it won’t remain free.

Click here to Get KeepSolid

This application itself works perfectly fine and is easy to use as well.

Free VPN by HexaTech:

Free VPN Hexatech is the second last one in my list which I will discuss furthermore I’ll rush to the conclusion…

The best part of this VPN is you don’t have to register or sign up to start using its features. It’s super easy to use it and by default, it connects you to the nearby location with good speed and stability.

Click here to Get Hexatech

But the problem with this application is, it is ad-supported means it will show advertisements every single time and doesn’t allow you to change the location, to change the location you have to get the membership.


Windscribe is the last one in the list of iPhone VPN, and it’s quite strong with a lot of features. It’s the best part is you can access 10 server locations, which is available for free in the free package.

Click here to Get Windscribe

It’s bandwidth allocation of 10GB/month that is pretty good in the free package. It has a vast range of servers with good customer support. 


I hope you’ll enjoy reading this article and after reading it you have a clear image of VPN for iPhones in your mind.

VPN for iPhone is very important for secure access and they are more liked by users if they provide maximum features in free version instead of paid one!

So, make the choice clearly and do download one or two discussed above to see there functionalities and features in a real-time environment.

Disclaimer: In the name of full transparency, please be aware that this blog post contains affiliate links and any purchases made through such links will result in a small commission for me (at no extra cost for you)

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  1. I like how Surfshark works on my phone, I have it on autoconnect but it doesn’t really drain my battery that much.

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